Assassin’s Creed 3 Walkthrough

28 October 2012
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Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough

Sequence 2: Mystery Guest

“Sequence 02: Mystery Guest” — Haytham has been sent to the American colonies to recruit allies, and find a hidden First Civilization site.

Mission 1: Welcome To Boston

Sequence 2 sees us finally arriving in Boston. The characters Charles Lee, Benjamin Franklin and William Johnson are introduced to us. Let’s hope they stay our friends and there is no betrayal.

Mission 1 “Welcome To Boston” Objective: Haytham is newly arrived in Boston. Charles Lee greets him and gives him a tour of the city. Follow him.

Mission 2: Johnson’s Errand

We continue our journey in Boston. Haytham Kenway, Thomas Hickey, and Charles Lee invade a fort and retrieve a chest for William Johnson.

Mission 2 “Johnson’s Errand” Objective: Retrieve Johnson’s stolen documents.
Full Synchronization:
• Kill mercenaries using firearms – 10/10
• Do not let Hickey or Lee lose more than half their health.
• Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.

Mission 3: Next On The List – The Surgeon

We continue are journey into Boston. Charles Lee and Haytham Kenway set out to try to find and then rescue Benjamin Church from the evil Silas.

Mission 3 “The Surgeon” Objective: Ben Church has disappeared. Find him.
Full Synchronization:
• Remain undetected.
• Eavesdrop on a moving group of guards.
• Do no fail a single eavesdrop.
• Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.

In this part of Sequence 2, we don’t follow a mission and instead have a look around the city for points of interest, like finishing a courier mission to deliver 4 letters, and finding another Almanac Page that’s flying through the air.

Mission 4: The Soldier

Haytham Kenway and Charles Lee rescues John Pitcairn and take control of a convoy; also, they square off against Edward Braddock and his men.

Mission 4 “The Soldier” Objective: Tail Braddock’s patrol.
Full Synchronization:
• Limit detection time – 0:15
• Perform sequential combo kills – 3
• Prevent snitches from calling reinforcements.
• Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.

Mission 5: Infiltrating Southgate

Haytham Kenway and Charles Lee lead an assault on Silas to free Native American prisoners.

Mission 5 “Infiltrating Southgate” Objective: Haythem and his allies ambush a convoy en route to a nearby fort. They plan to infiltrate the fort and free those held captive inside.
Full Synchronization:
• Find and kill the general.
• Perform stealth assassinations from a corner spot – 3/3
• Avoid firing line damage.
• Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.

Assassin’s Creed 3 Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Sequence 3.


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