Halo 4 Leaked (Nerdy News)

“Nerdy News” is a mini-news show geared towards gamers, technosexuals, and all other geeky peeps.
In this eighty-sixth episode of Nerdy News, I’ll be reporting on:

  • Strong sales for Borderlands 2 were not enough to stop the latest slide in video game sales.
  • Details and visuals of upcoming pirate-themed Borderlands 2 DLC have been released by 2K Games.
  • A major title update for Borderlands 2 was made available for download, including a new character class.
  • Halo 4 has been leaked weeks ahead of the official launch date!

Here’s the new episode of Nerdy News!

What do you think?

Do you think game sales are suffering because people are holding out for the next generation of consoles? Is there a lack of titles that you are excited for? What do you hope to see come from upcoming Borderlands 2 DLC? Has the lastes update improved you game experience? Did you suffer from glitches and freezing before the update? How do you feel about Halo 4 being leaked? Would you play a leaked game if you had the chance? How much would you pay, if at all, to play a game before it’s released?

If you have any advice or tips on how I can improve these videos let me know in the comments! Thanks for all of your opinions! ^_^