Dishonored Bone Charms Locations Guide

Welcome to the Dishonored Bone Charms locations guide that helps you find the Bone Charms locations for the Xbox 360, PS3 & PC action-adventure stealth game.

Each Dishonored playthrough is said to spawn 12 Bone Charms, but there are 40 or 45 total Whalebone Charms. Finding 10 Bone Charms locations and picking them up will help unlock the following Achievement / Trophy:
* “Occultist” (20 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy) — You collected 10 bone charms.

According to the game: “Collecting Runes and Bone Charms is considered heresy by the Overseers.”

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Dishonored Bone Charms

The Bone Charm locations are shown in the order the player can chronologically encounter them.

How can I get more Bone Charm Ability slots?

Answer: While exploring Dunwall you will also find Bone Charms, a lesser version of Runes that will enable you to boost some of your abilities. You can only equip a limited number of Bone Charms at any given time, though this limit can be increased during the course of the game. You start out with 3 Bone Charm Ability slots, but you can buy more at The Hound Pits Pub.

How to find missing Bone Charm locations?

Answer: The Heart is a supernatural item that Corvo carries with him, that he channels psychic abilities from; which he hears as secrets pulled from the minds of others’ consciousness and such mystical senses. Bone Charms emit a faint “singing” sound.

When equipped — quick select it by pressing Down on the 4-Point Directional Pad of your controller / via the Quick-Access Wheel — The Heart beats faster when Corvo faces his objectives or Bone Charms. It works as an early detection system of sorts. So as you walk into new areas or rooms, select The Heart to find out if there’s a Bone Charm nearby.

But be warned, there may be a downside to using The Heart.

Mission 2: High Overseer Campbell Bone Charm locations

The 5 Bone Charms in Mission 2: “High Overseer Campbell” are shown in this video guide:

Mission: Return to Dunwall Tower Bone Charm locations

The 2 Bone Charms in the Mission: “Return to Dunwall Tower” are shown in this video guide:

Mission 3: The House of Pleasure Bone Charm Locations

The 5 Bone Charms in Mission 3: “The House of Pleasure” are shown in this video guide:

Work-In-Progress: More Bone Charm locations Coming Soon!

Collecting Bone Charms is essential, as the Bone Charms will give you new permanent skill enhancements. They include the following…

Available Charms:
1. Acrobat – Slightly faster climbing.
2. Albinos – Increased chance of white rats.
3. Blood Ox Heart – Slight increase to maximum mana.
4. Carrion Killer – Killing rats grants some adrenaline.
5. Clockwork Malfunction – Enemy grenades take slightly more time to explode.
6. Falling Star – Drop assassinating grants a small amount of mana.
7. Fleet Fighter – Drawn weapons do not slow movement speed.
8. Golden Touch – Slight increase to value of precious items.
9. Healthy Appetite I – Food heals slightly more.
10. Healthy Appetite II – Food heals moderately more.
11. Plague Affinity – Damage by weepers grants a small amount of mana.
12. Plague Resistant – Weepers inflict slightly less damage.
13. Rat Scent – Rats attack only when approached in close proximity.
14. Reinforced Bolts – Bolts stuck in enemies break less often.
15. Robust I – Potions grant slightly more health.
16. Robust II – Potions grant moderately more health.
17. Scavenger – Greater amounts of ammo on discovery.
18. Spirited I – Potions grant slightly more mana.
19. Spirited II – Potions grant moderately more mana.
20. Spiritual Pool – Slightly faster mana regeneration.
21. Strong Arms – Faster choking speed.
22. Sustained Rage – Adrenaline takes slightly longer to cool down.
23. Swift Shadow – Increased movement speed in stealth mode.
24. Throwing Hand – Thrown objects travel slightly further.
25. Tough Skin – Slight increase to maximum health.
26. Twist of Fortune I – Very rarely, using a potion grants a lot of mana.
27. Twist of Fortune II – Rarely, using a potion grants a lot of mana.
28. Undertaker – Increased movement speed while carrying a corpse.
29. Unnerving Target I – Enemies have a slight chance to miss with guns.
30. Unnerving Target II – Enemies have a moderate chance to miss with guns.
31. Vengeance – Being damaged grants a small amount of adrenaline.
32. Water of Life – Drinking from fountains grants a small amount of health.
33. Welcoming Host – Increased possession time for white rats.
34. Whirlwind I – Swing speed for swords is slightly faster.
35. Whirlwind II – Swing speed for swords is moderately faster.

DLC Charms:
36. Acrobatic Killer: Raven – Drop assassinating grants health.
37. Acrobatic Killer: River Affinity – Increased swimming speed.
38. Acrobatic Killer: Quick Dodge – Ability to dodge bolts/arrows.
39. Arcane Assassin: Gutter Feast – Eating white rats grants mana.
40. Arcane Assassin: Void Channel – Improved duration/damage for powers.
41. Arcane Assassin: White Rat Friend – White rats are unhostile.
42. Backstreet Butcher: Blast Resistant – Reduced damage from explosions.
43. Backstreet Butcher: Fencer – Advantage in sword vs. sword combat.
44. Backstreet Butcher: Fire Water – Increased explosion range for whisky bottles.
45. Shadow Rat: Deep Breather – Increased underwater breath duration.
46. Shadow Rat: Delicate Touch – Reduced noise for breaking glass.
47. Shadow Rat: Voyeur – Magnification of sight when peeping through keyholes.

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