The Walking Dead Game Episode 4 Walkthrough

11 October 2012
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The Walking Dead Game Episode 4 Walkthrough

Chapter 5: Georgia’s Last City

Walkthrough events timeline:

1) Talk to Ben and he will mention that Clementine was outside the House.
2) Open the Tool-shed doors.

Chapter 6: For Whom The Bell Tolls

Walkthrough events timeline:

1) Exit the Class room and go pass the main doors then head right outside to the alley (where Molly left to).
2) walk into the shed and look up top right to shed, it will open up the ability to climb it.
3) When you jump down walk down the alley then walk back to the garage to trigger the next cut scene.
4) Use the action button to raise the the garage.
5) Inspect the fuel pump to the left and then talk to Molly.
6) Use the axe to cut the fuel line.
7) Unscrew the battery and climb up the truck.
8) Shoot the window and climb.
9) When you are running to jump off the roof click on Molly’s hand.

Chapter 7: The Morning After

Walkthrough events timeline:

1) Walk pass the main door and then use the action button to shut the door.
2) Shoot the zombie then pick up the axe to lock the door.
3) Go back to the Nurse station.
4) Kill all the zombies.
5) Inspect the video camera in the back of the room.
6) Pick up the video tape from the folder on the desk by the door.
7) Go back to the alley, climb up the shed, jump down, walk pass the garage to the zombie.
8) kill the doctor zombie and pick up the locker combo and the next tape.
9) Before you head back to the nursing station open the locker with the combo.
10) Go inside the room and watch both of the tapes.

Chapter 8: Penultimate & Ending

Chapter 8 – naturally – closes with another cliffhanger ending.

Walkthrough events timeline:

1) 7:30 – Defend yourself against the zombies and walk backwards at the same time holding down the back button.
2) 8:15 – Pull out your leg then shoot the two zombies, then pull out your leg two more times, then shoot two zombies, then pull your leg out again freeing yourself.
3) 9:00 – Fight your way up the stairs.
4) Decide to either save Ben or let him drop.
5) 19:13 – Walk down the yard and pick up Clementine’s hat.
6) Pick up Clementine’s walkie-talkie.

The End of “The Walking Dead Game: Episode 4 – Around Every Corner”.

Please check back with us in November for: “The Walking Dead Game: Episode 5 – No Time Left”.

Big thanks to Doug for the walkthrough videos with morality left intact.

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