Dishonored Cheats

Looking for Dishonored cheats and tips for Bethesda’s new action-adventure stealth game? Here we’ll list Dishonored cheat codes and unlockables for the PS3, Xbox 360 & PC versions.

Dishonored Cheats

Cheat Death to Survive Fall from the Highest Point in Dunwall

You can do an amazing 70 Story Drop Kill without falling to your death. Check out how to cheat death in Mission 4:

Cheat Description: You can do this amazing Drop Kill off the highest point in the game on Chapter 04: “High overseer Campbell”. Get a body to the highest point in the game by climbing the bridge using your Blink Power with a body in tow. When you reach the top, throw the body off onto the bridge’s road to get the enemy guard to come check it out. When the enemy guard is in sight right below you, jump off the bridge and knifed him in the back just before you hit the road and you’ll survive this massive fall down! 🙂

All Safe Combinations Cheat Sheet

Mission 01 – Dishonored
In the Sewers – 451

Mission 02 – High Overseer Campbell
In the Kennels – 217
Dr. Galvani’s House – 287
Backyard in Barracks – 203

Mission 03 – House of Pleasure
Artist’s House – 879 (could also be 318)

Mission 04 – The Royal Physician
Pratchett’s House – 473
Safe behind painting – 294

Mission 06 – Return to the Tower
Lord Regent’s Room – 935

Mission 07 – The Flooded District
Sewer Safe – 528

There are no other Dishonored cheats on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC yet. So until they are discovered, we made these handy Dishonored guides to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

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