Dishonored Weapons List

Here’s the Dishonored Weapons list that includes Offensive Gadgets.

As a former bodyguard to the Empress, Corvo Attano is renowned for his efficient combat & stealth skills when using his gadgets for stealthy situations. Add in the by The Outsider given supernatural abilities and you’ve got a potent mix for destruction in battle.

If you want to buy new weapons in Dishonored, you can visit The Hound Pits pub (the central hub) to: buy weapons or weapon upgrades or explosive/sleeping ammo, as well as improve your supernatural abilities.

See some of the creative kills you can do with these weapons and supernatural abilities combined:

Dishonored Weapons List


• Corvo’s Fold-away Sword (Melee)
• Crossbow (Ranged)
• Longbow (Ranged)
• Normal Swords (Melee)
• Wheellock Pistol (Ranged)


• Corvo’s Mask
• Grenade
• Spring Razor Mine
• Sticky Grenade


• Anton’s Health Elixir (Health Potion)
• Piero’s Spiritual Remedy (Mana Potion)

Supernatural Abilities:

• The Heart – Objective/Item detector.

• Blink – Teleport short-long distances.
• Dark Vision – Improves vision.
• Devouring Swarm – Summons attack-rats.
• Healing – Heals injuries.
• Possession – Controls sentient beings.
• Bend Time – Stops time for a limited time.
• Wind Blast – Creates a gust of wind.

• Celerity – Accelerates your speed. At the expense of blurred vision.
• Feather – Fall from greater distances without injury.
• Agility – Jump greater distances and sprint faster.
• Shadow Kill – Turns dead enemies into dust to avoid discovery.

What’s your favorite skill or weapon in Dishonored so far?

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