Dishonored Walkthrough

Chapter 3: House of Pleasure

The Loyalists believe that Emily is being held at the Golden Cat by the corrupt, aristocratic Pendelton brothers. These men are Lord Pendleton’s despised older brothers, twins, and they are loyal to the tyrannical Lord Regent. Find Emily at the Golden Cat and eliminate Lords Custis and Morgan Pendleton.

Mission Timeline:

Location: Neutral Zone & Distillery District

Part 2 of the Chapter 3: House of Pleasure walkthrough.

Mission Timeline:

Location: The Golden Cat dormitory whereabouts of Lady Emily Kaldwin.

More videos coming soon.

Up next is “Mission: A Royal Guest”: Emily is now safe in the protective care of the loyalists. With her well-being temporarily assured, it is time to remove the Lord Regent’s remaining allies. Find your ally Lord Pendleton.

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