Dishonored Walkthrough

Chapter 2: High Overseer Campbell

High Overseer Campbell leads the city’s militant religious faction and is a close ally to the Lord Regent. Campbell is completely corrupt and holds the secret to Emily’s location. Infiltrate the Office of the High Overseer, steal Campbell’s journal and eliminate him. An ally to the Loyalists, Martin, is being held there. Free him and allow him to escape.

Mission Timeline:

Location: Distillery District
1) 1:30 – Handle the guard.
2) 2:25 – Use your heart/blink ability to get the first rune located inside the apartment.
3) 6:30 – Get the bone Charm located on top of the bridge where the two guards are throwing over the body. You need to use your blink ability ontop of the ledge.
4) 10:30 – Make your way to the other side of the wall either with blink or pull out the generator’s battery.
5) 11:25 – Follow the waypoint to the wall of light either sneak or kill. make sure you take out the battery before you cross through the electric wall.
6) 13:30 – Make your way to the Holger Square sneak/kill.
Location: High Overseer’s Office – 14:34
7) 15:55 – Release the lever to the left of Overseer Martin to free him from captivity (he’s an ally).

Part 2 of the Chapter 2: High Overseer Campbell walkthrough.

Mission Timeline:

1) Sneak/fight your way inside the building (there are multiple entrances).
Location: Hodger Square – 00:50
2) 4:00 – Make your way left up the stairs take out the guards.
3) 6:30 – Enter the chamber and make a decision what to do with the poison drinks. Collect the rune on the wall by jumping and grabbing it.
Location: High Overseer’s Meeting Chamber – 6:45
4) 7:00 – Optional Branding Instructions.
5) 10:15 – Optional go into the interrogation room and get the branding rod.
6) 12:40 – Make your way to the Overseer.
7) 13:36 – Kill the High Overseer or take him to the interrogation room GRAB THE BLACK BOOK!
8) 15:25 – Make your escape outside and collect the runes/bone charm before you end the mission.
9) 16:30 – Get the Rune from the building either get a key from a guard or break the window from the roof (WORKSHOP).
10) 18:30 – Get the bone charm by walking around the ledge of the building and break the boards.

Note: The City Watch holds Clavering Blvd, beyond the first Wall of Light. The Bottle Street Gang controls the side streets around Clavering Blvd. Granny Rags lives in an apartment at the far end of Endoria Street.

Mission: Overseers Undone

Martin is on his way to join the Loyalists, and Campbell’s fate has thrown the Overseers in disarray. Decoding the Overseer’s journal may reveal any number of strategic secrets, most notably the location of the rightful heir to the throne, Emily Kaldwin.

Mission Timeline:

Location: The House Pits Pub
1) 00:25 – Meet with the loyalist.
2) Make your way back to the Loyalist located outside the inn next to the sewers.
3) Get the Rune and kill the infected.
4) Accept the new mission and buy new gear.
5) Talk to Samuel and start the mission.
6) Make your way up the stairs take out the guard and head to the right.
7) You will be greeted and welcomed by NPCs and lead you to the door.

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