Dishonored Runes Locations Guide

Welcome to the Dishonored Runes locations guide that helps you find the Runes locations for the Xbox 360, PS3 & PC action-adventure stealth game.

The Outsider’s power is channeled through artifacts carved from whale bones, called Runes. Collecting Runes allows you to spend them on accessing new powers. Choose your powers wisely, as Runes are a rare resource.

According to the game: “Collecting Runes and Bone Charms is considered heresy by the Overseers.”

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Dishonored Runes

The Rune locations are shown in the order the player can chronologically encounter them.

How to find missing Rune Locations?

Answer: The Heart is a supernatural item that Corvo carries with him, that he channels psychic abilities from; which he hears as secrets pulled from the minds of others’ consciousness and such mystical senses.

When equipped — quick select it by pressing Down on the 4-Point Directional Pad of your controller / via the Quick-Access Wheel — The Heart beats faster when Corvo faces his objectives or runes. It works as an early detection system of sorts. So as you walk into new areas or rooms, select The Heart to find out if there’s a Rune nearby.

But be warned, there may be a downside to using The Heart.

Mission 1: The Royal Physician Rune Locations

The 5 Runes in Mission: “The Royal Physician” are shown in this video guide:

Mission: The Hound Pits Pub Rune Locations

The 1 Rune in Mission: “The Hound Pits Pub” are shown in this video guide:

Mission 2: High Overseer Campbell Rune Locations

The 7 Runes in Mission 2: “High Overseer Campbell” are shown in this video guide:

Mission: Kaldwin’s Bridge Rune Locations

The 5 Runes in the Mission: “Kaldwin’s Bridge” are shown in this video guide:

Mission 3: The House of Pleasure Rune Locations

The 4/5 Runes in Mission 3: “The House of Pleasure” are shown in this video guide:

Mission 4: Kalduins Bridge Rune Locations

The 5 Runes in Mission 4: “Kalduins Bridge” are shown in this video guide:

Work-In-Progress: More Rune Locations Coming Soon!

Collecting Runes is essential as it allows you to buy new Powers or upgrade the ones you have. They include the following…

Active Supernatural Powers:
• Blink – Teleport short-long distances.
• Dark Vision – Improves vision.
• Devouring Swarm – Summons attack-rats.
• Vitality – Increases maximum health.
• Possession – Controls sentient beings.
• Bend Time – Stops time for a limited time.
• Wind Blast – Creates a gust of wind.
Passive Supernatural Powers:
• Blood Thirsty – Kill enemies with adrenaline.
• Agility – Jump greater distances and sprint faster.
• Shadow Kill – Turns dead enemies into dust to avoid discovery.

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