Angry Birds Star Wars Announced

Angry Birds creators Rovio have left a clue their next game will be titled: Angry Birds Star Wars. The complete Star Wars & Angry Birds crossover announcement will be made on Monday at 8AM by Toys R Us updating their website with a boatload of Angry Birds Star Wars tie-in toys.

The first known of the Angry Birds Star Wars tie-in is the Angry Birds Star Wars-themed Hasbro “Jenga Death Star” set of which the box picture is shown above (courtesy of a German Amazon leak) that shows you can launch Angry Birds at a Pig-shaped tabletop Star Wars Deathstar. 50 more licensees have signed up to make tie-in products ranging from kids bedding and apparel to toys.

On top of that, the Angry Birds Star Wars Tumblr page shows the following lightsaber teaser image…

Angry Birds Star Wars lightsaber

As you can see from the Jenga boxart, the Red Bird will play Luke Skywalker. Other confirmed roles include the Yellow Bird as Han Solo and the Big Brother Bird as Chewbacca! 😀

I’d guess this will all be released in time for the 2012 Christmas / Holiday season, so likely in November.

According to this IGN video, Lucasfilm VP of Licensing and Consumer Products has been quoted as saying: “As casual games grow as a category and mobile devices grow as an interface, it’s going to become more important for us in the future.” So it sounds like both companies are very pleased with the Angry Birds Star Wars crossover.

Are you excited for the Angry Birds Star Wars crossover?