Resident Evil 6 “You Are Dead” Game Over Screens

Here are most of the Resident Evil 6 You Are Dead Game Over screens. Slight Resident Evil 6 spoilers ahead!

Timeline of “You Are Dead” scenes:

0:40 ROFLcopter
0:47 The Falling Redfield
0:52 Venus Redfieldtrap
1:00 Strike 3! Your out Ada!
1:06 Epic Fail Jake!
1:13 Piers: Meh! I hate you anyway
1:24 Leon’s zombie ex-girlfriend
1:35 ROFLcopter chopping the idiot girl
1:41 Dance Ada Dance!
1:48 Leon vs Car: CAR WINS!
2:00 The Ustanak has his own Drill Breaker!
2:12 Zombie Ada fan: Grace from heaven it’s Ada Wong! I’m you biggest fan
2:20 Giga Drill Breaker Epic Fail!
2:28 Lmao!
2:32 Bane backbreaker
2:38 LeonKennedyRE6 I hate you! you internet troll!
2:51 You’ll pay for what you did to El Higante and Ndesu!
3:00 Ada will get to Silent Hill
3:25 Ada dies in the Otherword
3:30 Sarah Kerrigan?!
3:42 Sandwiches now have Sherry and Jake flavor
3:48 Leon juice and turning into a zombie?
4:01 ALLAH HU AKBAR! Epic Fail!
4:18 Ustanak: Die like your dad!
4:32 Helena: O_O?!
4:50 But now Helena: 🙂 Awww Leon got a baby how touching!
4:57 You drag me to hell
5:01 Could I get a hug? *explodes* (Now I know why YGOTAS Marik’s hug feels like)
5:06 Fatality!
5:12 Sherry: Look! parachute! Jake: (misses) Uhhhh? Sherry: You idiot!
5:20 Jaws: Resident Evil version
5:27 I will kill you now but remember… I’ll always love you Piers
5:38 Zombie: Forget Jill Sandwich I’ve got lotsa Leon Spaghetti!
5:50 Ustanak: I love you Jake Muuulllleeeerrrr!
6:40 Helena: Well? that escalated quickly.

Annotations by Yornkunitachi & kingoniranger

What’s your favorite gruesome Resident Evil 6 death?

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