Resident Evil 6 Easter Eggs

Let’s take a look at some Resident Evil 6 easter eggs! They are pretty funny! 🙂

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Resident Evil 6 Easter Eggs

Playground Fun Easter Egg

This easter egg can be found in the Chris & Piers Campaign at the start of Chapter 3.

You’ll be able to have some playground fun by riding a bouncy panda bear and going down a yellow slide. Chris, Piers and Ada all have their own sliding animation.

Arcade Cabinets Easter Egg

You can find an Arcade with lots of different Arcade Cabinets playing classic Capcom games on them in the Mercenaries Mode “Urban Chaos” Map.

It doesn’t seem like you can play any of them in-game, through.

Sherry’s Room Easter Egg

There are 3 Easter Eggs for Sherry at the beginning of the Chapter 3 when she’s been captured, put in a hospital dress, and got stuck in a room. Walk around her room to interact with them.

Note: The only way to get them is when Jake is fighting the J’avos and have to turn off the lights/security system of their rooms.

These were discovered by: PegiGames, Mario & Bedelgese

Have you found any Resident Evil 6 easter eggs?