How To Unlock All Dead or Alive 5 Characters

How to unlock all secret Dead or Alive 5 characters? That question will be answered in this guide that shows you how and who to unlock to get the full roster.

Although most of the roster is available from the get-go (19 out of 24), the Dead or Alive 5 characters select screen has room for plenty of bonus characters via DLC (presumably free). — At the moment there are no console exclusive characters on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, however there are 3 guest characters from Sega’s Virtua Fighter series: Akira Yuki, Pai Chan & Sarah Bryant. They are part of the 5 Dead or Alive 5 unlockable characters.

Publisher Tecmo Koei & developer Team Ninja have hinted more than the included playable 24 characters may be made available in Dead or Alive 5 through free downloadable content on the consoles at a later date. And more secret characters have been revealed as part of the game’s files in the alpha demo, such as Leon and there’s the possibility of further Sega character cameos.

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How To Unlock Characters In Dead or Alive 5

Below we’ve listed the 5 secret characters in alphabetical order. Take the following steps to unlock each one.

  • Akira Yuki

    How To Unlock: Beat him in the Story Mode.

See Akira Yuki in action in this Dead or Alive 5 trailer:

Akira Yuki, mascot of the Virtua Fighter series, is now a playable fighter in Dead or Alive 5. — The addition of Akira Yuki to Dead or Alive 5 marks the first time ever that the beloved Dead or Alive franchise has opened its rosters to characters from other fighting games. Team Ninja has released a new video vignette showcasing an all new stage in the game and the renowned Akira Yuki in action with Dead or Alive characters.

Bio: A descendant of the founder of the Yuki Budokan, he has been taught his own unique style by his father, based on Hakkyoku-Ken (also known as Ba Ji Quan, the same style as Kokoro). He spends his days training to become the greatest martial artist in the world. He enters the World Fighting Tournament as a way to test himself. The main character of the Virtua Fighter series. — Driven by perfection and the desire to relentlessly master his techniques by taking on any challenger, Akira is a welcomed addition to the cast of dynamic characters only available in Dead or Alive 5. Akira has become a serious, well-disciplined fighter despite his past as an impulsive hot-headed youngster.
Combat: Hakkyoku-Ken traditionally favors close-quarters combat, but Akira has developed his own version which also includes attacks from distance.
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Male
Fighting Style: Hakkyoku-Ken (Ba Ji Quan)

  • Alpha-152

    How To Unlock: Get any 300 Titles to get her (out of the 524 Titles total). She should be unlocked after fighting in the game for around 18 hours (excluding loading times/menu browsing), for example in Story Mode and/or by Training.

See Alpha-152 in action in this Dead or Alive 5 video:

Bio: Alpha-152 is the last protoculture based on Kasumi’s DNA, and was originally created by DOATEC as a clone of Kasumi AKA Kasumi Alpha. But after it entered the final start-up phase of Project Alpha-2 it transformed into a transparent and powerful inhuman creature. Born with an untainted hate for the world, it has the power to destroy everything.
Combat: Beautiful yet varied attacks executed at a high speed that few can guard against.
Nationality: Kasumi’s Japanese DNA Clone
Gender: Female
Fighting Style: Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu and Instant Teleport Ability

  • Gen Fu

    How To Unlock: Get him by finishing Eliot’s Story Mode chapter.

See Gen Fu in action in this Dead or Alive 5 trailer:

So here’s a video of Gen Fu vs. Pai. A couple of Team Ninja developers are the ones playing this. — Gen Fu is even more of a close-range character than he has been in the past. Once you get the hang of his combos, you’ll see a huge jump in how strong he can be.

Bio: Gen Fu is an old mentor who was once considered to be a fighting legend. After earning enough money to pay for his granddaughter’s medical treatment, he agreed to take Eliot on as an apprentice. Until, one day, he sends him off on a journey of self-improvement…
Combat: A short-range expert who excels at both attack and defense, Gen Fu gets in close to his opponents before launching ferocious attacks of unparalleled power.
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Fighting Style: Xinyi Liuhe Quan

  • Pai Chan

    How To Unlock: Get any 100 Titles to get her (out of the 524 Titles total). She should be unlocked after fighting in the game for around 6 hours (excluding loading times/menu browsing), for example in Story Mode and/or by Training.

See Pai Chan in action in this Dead or Alive 5 trailer:

So here’s a video of Gen Fu vs. Pai. A couple of Team Ninja developers are the ones playing this. — Just like in Virtua Fighter, Pai’s quick movement and special moves set her apart from the others. For holds, she’s all about frame advantage, so it’s important to focus on following up with either her guaranteed combos or other attacks.

Bio: Lau Chan’s only daughter, she has received special instruction in martial arts since early childhood. Though she once hated her father, her attitude towards him has softened after she watched him suffer with illness in his twilight years. As well as being a martial artist, Pai Chan is also a famous actress in her home country.
Combat: Her nimble movements make good use of her lithe physique, and display the influence of the Ba Gua Zhang style.
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Fighting Style: Ensei Ken (Yan Qing Quan)

See Sarah Bryant in action in this Dead or Alive 5 video:

So here’s a video of Sarah vs. Kasumi. A Team Ninja developer is the one playing this to show her gameplay.

Bio: While attempting to investigate the accident involving her brother, Jacky Bryant, she was captured by J6 (Judgment 6) and brainwashed. Although she was later rescued by her brother, the effects of J6’s brainwashing remain buried deep within the recesses of her mind.
Combat: The kick-based attacks from her flamingo stance are as deadly as they are beautiful.
Nationality: American
Gender: Female
Fighting Style: Martial Arts

  • Future DLC Characters: Leon & Ryo Hazuki?

    How To Unlock Leon: A way to unlock these playable characters is still unknown at present.
    All we know is that Leon’s name is included on the game’s alpha demo in the development characters list and will most likely be free future DLC characters. Why? Because the Dead or Alive series creators studio head Yosuke Hayashi (who’s the new Dead or Alive 5 director) has stated in interviews that Team Ninja finds it unfair to release paid characters DLC if there are players who cannot afford to pay for the DLC and because it’ll make it harder to balance the game. Leading to belief that free character & stages DLC could be in the making to keep DOA5 popular in the long run.

    How To Unlock Ryo Hazuki: A way to unlock these playable characters is unknown at present.
    All we know is that Tecmo’s Team Ninja studio head Yosuke Hayashi has stated that he’d like to see more Sega characters appear in Dead or Alive 5, since the first DOA game was based on the Virtua Fighter engine they have a great connection to Sega’s developers. To quote: “Speaking of Sega characters, I’d say the main character from Shenmue. When considering a cameo for a fighting game, you have to look at someone who can actually fight. After the release of Dead or Alive 5 we’d like to explore cameos further, but at the moment… it’s a secret.”

    Note: It seems that finishing the Story Mode, with all characters available at present, does not unlock these additional characters.

Here’s a Dead or Alive 4 gameplay video starring the unlockable Leon:

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