Borderlands 2 Glitches

Here are some of the recently discovered Borderlands 2 glitches.

Note that these can of course get patched by Gearbox at any time, but based on them leaving Borderlands glitches in the game if they don’t interfere with gameplay, you should be able to enjoy these for a long time if they look like fun to you. 🙂

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Borderlands 2 Glitches

Unlimited Eridium Glitch

Here’s a useful glitch if you’re looking to gather as much Eridium as you need. As you know, Eridium can be used for blackmarket shops to buy weapon & backpack upgrades.

To make use of the Unlimited Eridium Glitch, make sure you have done the “A Dam Fine Rescue” Mission or at least until you get to open that gate.

Watch the step-by-step video guide to see how to glitch the game into giving you unlimited Eridium:

Infinite Money & Items Duplication Glitch

Here is a video guide showing you how to do the Borderlands 2 infinite money trick with help of a (good) friend. This glitch only works on the Xbox 360 version of the game, and was left in the game from Borderlands 1.

This will work for item duplication using a similar glitch, by dropping weapons, and then exiting & entering game. Just to be safe, you might want to try these cheats with a small amount of money and a disposable gun first.

Berserker Super Speed Glitch

You can use a Berserker class glitch to your benefit to move super fast in Borderlands 2!
Get your Berserker up to level 5 to unlock the Berserk action skill, which you can exploit to move fast all the time, as-if you were going berserk, but better since you’re still able to use all your weapons normally.

Here are the steps you need to take to use this glitch:

Step 1: Activate the Berserk skill.
Step 2: While Brick is doing the beginning hand animation he does at the beginning of Berserk, quickly hit the Back button to get to your inventory. This will cancel the Berserk prematurely. You must hit the back button before the beginning hand animation ends or it won’t have any effect at all besides just canceling out the action skill.
Step 3: If you did it right and you exit out of the inventory, you will walk at running speed and run even faster! To return to normal, just activate the Berserk when it recharges again and wait until the hand animation is done. Once it is, just wait or exit out of Berserk by going to the inventory and it will be set back to normal.

Mad Moxxi’s Panties Glitch

Here’s a glitch that lets you get out of the Sanctuary map and go under Moxxi’s Bar and look at her panties if you’re so inclined.

Floating Bandits Mission Glitch

During the “Too Close For Missiles” mission you encounter a chopper with Airborne Marauders. Sometimes the game will glitch out after you shoot down the chopper and leave the Airborne Marauders stuck sitting/standing in the air!

“Do No Harm” Mission Glitch

The problem: After you start the “Do No Harm” Mission, you’re asked to knock the Eridium shard out of Zed’s patient. Next, you’ll be asked to take it to Tannis and talk to her and while “Talk to Tannis” is checked in the quest log, the game isn’t saying what else needs to be done to complete this Mission. In short, it’s a mission-breaking glitch.

The solution: If you were playing solo and had the glitch on your character. Later, you can play the Mission with a friend and have your friend complete this same Mission (if you’re lucky without a hitch) and then it completes this Mission for you as well! Problem solved.

Free Fall Glitch

At tundra express there will be a hole in the ground. Be sure to save your game before falling into the hole, because you’ll eventually die. As you do the free fall, you’ll see the map disappear.

Glitches discovered by: Gametastik, IGN, Arnox, Knightmoved, Deathmule & Pete.

Have you encountered any Borderlands 2 glitches?