Borderlands 2 Eridium Locations Guide

Welcome to the Borderlands 2 Eridium locations guide that helps you find Eridium locations for the Xbox 360, PS3 & PC first-person shooter RPG game.

The in-game locations for the Eridium Stacks are shown here, location descriptions can be read below.

Watch the step-by-step video guide to see how to get unlimited Eridium:

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Borderlands 2 Eridium Locations Guide

Eridium Location #1: Three Horns Valley

The first Eridium location makes use of an exploit that allows you to get easy Eridium stacks. Eridium is used for Black Market shops to buy SDU upgrades like powerful weapon upgrades. The upgrades include Bank, Backpack, and Ammunition Capacity.

To make use of the Unlimited Eridium Loot Glitch, make sure you have done the “A Dam Fine Rescue” Mission or at least until you get to open that gate.

Here are the steps that explain how to get an unlimited supply of Eridium:

Before getting started with Eridium farming in Borderlands 2, you should know it helps to have a powerful weapon like a Rocket Launcher or lots of ammo. That way you can keep killing the enemy that’ll give you Eridium Stacks as rare loot drops upon defeating him again and again.
A second tip would be to max out your backpack slots upfront, because it’ll allow you to pick up more loot (mostly to sell).

Step 1: Travel to Three Horns Valley. Go to any Fast-Travel Station — you will find Three Horns Valley in the main mission progression — and select Three Horns Valley.

Step 2: Go to the area where you’re asked to investigate the Eridium mine and kill Bad Maw. When he dies, he’ll drop 1 to 4 pieces of Eridium. The Eridium Stack(s) you get each time can be used to buy upgrades at the Black Market.

Step 3: Now go into the Bloodshot Stronghold. After you’ve entered it, bring up your main menu, then Quit and select Save and Quit. Next, when you’re brought back to the startup screen’s main menu select Continue.

Step 4: Step 3’s actions return you to Three Horns Valley. Go back outside and kill Bad Maw again to pick up more Eridium!

Step 5: Go back inside Bloodshot Stronghold. And then you can repeat the previous steps as much as you want to have an unlimited supply of Eridium.

Eridium Location #2: Sanctuary

Play the two slot machines in Sanctuary at Mad Moxxi’s bar. Make sure you have a lot of spending money.

When playing the slots if you hit the Triple Eridium payout, you’ll receive around 20 to 40 Eridium! Not to mention lots of guns!

Note: Be warned that the higher your character’s level get as you progress through the game’s story, the more expensive it will become to pull levers at the slot machines. So it’s recommended you try and get as much Eridium as you need from the slot machines early on in the game.

Since the Eridium you win from gambling is used for Black Market shops to buy weapon upgrades and backpack upgrades, you’ll be able to spend it right away with the Black Market dealer being so close to Mad Moxxi’s bar. So be sure to fully upgrade your backpack slots first and then your ammo capacity.

Here’s the Black Market shop expansion costs overview:

• Level 1 Costs: 4 Eridium.
• Level 2 Costs: 8 Eridium.
• Level 3 Costs: 12 Eridium.
• Level 4 Costs: 16 Eridium.
• Level Maxed Out Costs: 20 Eridium.

Eridium Location #3: Random

Eridium can also rarely be found in containers such as: lockers and washing machines.

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