Borderlands 2 Easter Eggs

Let’s take a look at some Borderlands 2 easter eggs! They are freaking hilarious! 😀

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Borderlands 2 Easter Eggs

Minecraft Easter Egg

There are Minecraft Creepers in the Caustic Caverns of Borderlands 2. Be on the lookout for the blocky Minecraft blocks an torches.

Note: About the Badass Creeper that appears after you kill the first two Creepers. The Badass Creeper has a small chance to drop a legendary weapon, it fires the Minecraft Arrows and has bullet drop. It deals 600 damage and has no scope, it also has the fire ellement pricing 30% dealing 100 damage. Critical damage is 5,000 but very hard to hit, it has 6 ammo and is epic.
It also drops a pretty sweet shotgun that has the Minecraft skin and shoots a 3×3 square spread of flaming and bouncing small blocks.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Easter Egg

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’s Splinter is in the Bloodshot Stronghold of Borderlands 2. Go down the sewer pipe to find the Rat’s Nest, follow the piping all the way until you reach the TMNT’s hideout. Once there, you can turn the pipe wheel twice, pull the ground-lever three times, and pull the wall-switch three times, in order to make an enemy fighter appear who’s called “Flinter”.

Note: If you pick up the pizza in Mad Moxxi’s bar you can deliver it to this hideout and four guys that are named after the ninja? turtles come out and fight you.

Double Rainbow Easter Egg

There’s a Giant Double Rainbow in Borderlands 2 when you visit The Highlands and look up at the sky. Finding the right location to make it appear (shown in the video) will also unlock the “What does it mean?” Achievement / Trophy.

Donkey Kong / Mario Easter Egg

Donkey Mong is an ultra rare monster that spawns in the south-western part of “Eridium Blight”. You will enter this area automatically during a story mission. He looks like one of the common Bedrock Bullymogs, but throws explosive barrels at you. Defeating him will unlock the “Definitely An Italian Plumber” Achievement / Trophy!

Tips to make him appear: Donkey Mong has only one single spawn point. However, he spawns very rarely. He can spawn at any daytime though. You do not have to kill any other monster in this area to make him spawn. Your XP level does not matter either. – You can travel back and forth between Arid Nexus – Boneyard and Eridium Blight. It can take over 60 minutes to make him spawn! – Use a vehicle if you are not level 30 yet. He can be a pretty rough enemy otherwise.

Steve Easter Egg

Steve makes a return in Borderlands 2. What’s that Steve? You have a million secrets to tell us? Well, by all means, go ahead… talk!

“HEYO!!!!!!” 😆

Michael Easter Egg

The late Michael Mamaril was a Borderlands fan who’s now immortalized by Gearbox inside the game. You can generally find his NPC all around town in Sanctuary (for example at the bar in Mad Moxxi’s place). Finding him and picking up his item will unlock the “Tribute To A Vault Hunter” Achievement / Trophy.

Hangover Movie Easter Egg

This may be a Hangover movie reference with the funny Face McShooty character repeatedly saying “IN THE FACE”. Visit the Thousand Cuts area to see for yourself, shooting him in the face unlocks the “Shoot This Guy in the Face” Achievement / Trophy.

Top Gun Movie Easter Egg

The “Too Close For Missiles” mission is a reference to Top Gun. It’s the mission you do when you have to kill the three shirtless men in the desert that got kicked out of the pilot flying club. The guy who can be found near Ellie, yells out “GOOSE!”, while wearing a flight helmet and standard pilot gear. Instantly recognized as a Top Gun reference.

Se7en Movie Easter Egg

This easter egg is a random event that appears in The Dust. “What’s in the box?” is a reference to the movie Seven AKA Se7en.

The Lord of the Rings Easter Egg

This easter egg is a reference to The Lord of the Rings, plus is gives you the best purple weapons chests. — It can be found in Windshear Waste. Before attempting to find this easter egg, you have to be on your second playthrough or the “Geary’s Unbreakable Gear” item will not show up in the fireplace at Claptrap’s Place. Your goal is to get an item from Claptrap’s Place to Eridium Blight without being killed and without using fast travel.
The safest route is shown in this video! Eventually you’ll get to a character named Geary pacing around. Run up to him and let him hit you once, then run away from him when he starts running away follow him until he kills himself in the vulcano’s lava. Then wait for the ‘giant bats’ (the LOTR reference to the Great Eagles of the Misty Mountains) to swoop in and drop the purple weapons chests for you!

Heads from Alien vs Predator, Metroid Prime & Metal Gear Solid Easter Egg

Here is a guide showing you how to get across a difficult obstacle course in Eridium Blight to find three awesome easter egg Heads dropped by this character named Geary after you kill him.
You can farm these Heads if you don’t get the one you want, just Save & Quit then come back and try another shot at the head you want! This is an easter egg for the following characters: Samus off Metroid Prime, the alien is off well, Alien vs Predator, and the medic mantis is off the Metal Gear Solid boss fight where he wore a gas mask.

Dark Souls Easter Egg

A Dark Souls Easter Egg can be found in Caustic Caves.

Batman Boss & Snow White Easter Eggs

Batman & his Bat Cave are in Borderlands 2! Here they’re called Rakk Man in The Rakk Cave. Defeating him will have him drop the Gunnerang AKA the Batarang.
Another Easter Egg here is for Snow White, when killing Laney and her midgets is a reference to Snow White.

The Joker Skin Easter Egg

Here’s how to get a Skin called “Why so serious”, an obvious reference to the Batman character The Joker.

Tannis on a Fish Easter Egg

This can be done in Sawtooth Cauldron at Main Street Reservoir bay. Kill the enemies around the water first and then shoot all the colored barrels to unlock the easter egg of Tannis riding a fish (Magikarp from Pokemon!?) just like she did in Borderlands 1!

Skyrim Easter Egg

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Easter Egg revolves around the Skyrim meme: “I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.”
Except in Borderlands 2 there’s a customer at Mad Moxxi’s Bar who says: “I used to be a vault hunter like you, then I took a bullet in the knee.”

Jimmy Jenkins Easter Egg

This video shows you how to find Jimmy Jenkins AKA Jimmy J3NKN5, as well as how to find him quicker and in what area.

Chessboard Easter Egg

This can be found when you fast travel to The Dust, spawn a truck and travel to the races via the tracks that lead to a bridge. Once there, turn right off it and boost to launch yourself to the top of a small hill side, then jump off and go left. Next, you’ll see the chessboard down below, line up your crosshairs and jump off. Now use your crosshairs to guide your self to the chessboard and land.

QR Codes Easter Egg

* When you’re doing the mission in Sanctuary to hand over the power core for the shield generator, there’s a letter with a QR code on it, which reads as: “NICK WILSON HO OH”. This in turn was an Easter Egg from the original Borderlands as well, with Nick being an artist at developer Gearbox.

* When you’re in Sanctuary in Mad Moxxi’s bar, look for the pizza box. On the pizza box will be another QR code, which reads as: “Wise man say, forgiveness is divine but never pay full price for late pizza. -Captain Picard”

* Go into Dr. Zed’s shop in Sanctuary after you perform your first, erm, surgery. One of the doors on the wall will be slightly open. There’s another QR code there saying: “Thank you much for playing our game, now I’m rich with love AND money!!! Nick Wilson!! Ditto!!!”

These were discovered by: Deathmule, Powerpyx, TheBrothersGrim, GamesNSh1t, Riflegaming, Neil, DD, XxPHRAGxX, VGMMDI, Fufu87 & Amanda.

Have you found any Borderlands 2 easter eggs?