Borderlands 2 Side Missions Walkthrough

This Borderlands 2 Side Missions Walkthrough includes the 60+ Borderlands 2 Side Missions locations. We’ll try to turn the guide into a complete Borderlands 2 Side Missions List as progress is made through the FPS-RPG game on the PC, Xbox 360 & PS3.

As you play Borderlands 2, you can work on more than one active mission at a time, this is where Side Missions come in.
Missions can be marked as “Active,” and your HUD will display the waypoints for your active mission. You can change your active mission in the Mission Log section of your ECHO device.
Press the Select button to access your ECHO device, then highlight the mission you want to activate and press the Confirmation key / A button.

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Borderlands 2 Side Missions Walkthrough

Side Mission 1: This Town Ain’t Big Enough

Clear the bullymongs out of Liar’s Berg.
Sir Hammerlock asked you to rid Liar’s Berg of bullymongs. While the residents of the twon were murdered by bandits weeks ago, Hammerlock nonetheless feels that their former homes should not be torn up by feces-tossing ape creatures.

Side Mission 2: Shielded Favors

If you’re gonna survive out here, you’ll need a better shield. Head out to Gateway Harbor, fix the elevator, and go up into the Crimson Radar Safehouse to buy a shield from Zed’s Meds shop.

Side Mission 3: Bad Hair Day

Collect bullymong fur. According to Sir Hammerlock style is everything.
Sir Hammerlock asked you to find some bullymong fur so he may decorate his hat with it. In order to collect the fur from the bullymongs, you’ll have to weaken them with gunfire, then finish them off with a melee attack. Then you can pick up the (4) bullymong hair you need.

If you can’t find Sir Hammerlock in town or anywhere else, you should know both Claptrap and Hammerlock are in Sanctuary.

Side Mission 4: Handsome Jack Here!

Find Helena Pierce’s audio logs AKA ECHO recorded.
Find all 4 of the audio logs belonging to Helena Pierce, former administrator of New Haven. They’ll help you find out what happened to Helena Pierce.
You found one of Hela Pierce’s final audio logs in Southern Shelf, recorded just before her disappearance. Sir Hammerlock is curious of Pierce’s ultimate fate and wants you to find the rest of the audio logs.

Side Mission 5: Symbiosis

Midgets and bullymongs and Vault Hunters, oh my! After talking to Sir Hammerlock, go to the Southern Shelf. Then head to Blackburn Cove and find the bullymong-riding midget. Your objective will be completed after you kill “Midgemong”, this can easily be done by finding a rooftop spot and sniping them from up high.

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