Borderlands 2 Money Cheat

This Borderlands 2 money cheat will show you how to collect quick cash by taking advantage of an infinite money glitch in the Xbox 360 version of the FPS-RPG game.

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Borderlands 2 Money Cheat

Note: Please make sure you’re doing this with a good friend and not someone who might walk away with your money! It’s also best to stand still during this process and not have any other players walking around who might accidentally trigger Borderlands 2 to auto-save and ruin this duplication trick.

Here is a video guide showing you how to do the Borderlands 2 money cheat / $ glitch with help from a friend.

Here are the steps to take for the money cheat:

Step 1: Join a Friend’s Game.

Step 2: Then accept all his money in a Trade.

Step 3: And Save and Quit.

Step 4: Next, Re-join the game and give him/her all your money.

Step 5: Following that you must press the Xbox Guide button in the middle of your controller and then press the X button to Sign Out without saving (say Yes that you’re sure to sign out). And remember that your friend is still in his/her game.

Step 6: Lastly, Re-join your Friend’s Game again and you’ll both have lots of money, because the game did not save the fact that you traded the money back to your friend haha! You can keep doing this over and over until you both have enough spending money. 🙂

Credit for the discovery goes to Vinarian.

If you have any more Borderlands 2 money cheats or tips, leave a comment and we’ll add it to this guide with credit to you. 🙂