Borderlands 2 Cheats

Looking for Borderlands 2 cheats and tips for 2K Games’ new first-person shooter action-RPG game? Here are some unlockables.

The great thing about Gearbox-developed games like Borderlands 2 is that even if unintended cheats are discovered, they won’t patch it. That’s because they believe in us gamers just having fun with their games is most important. 😀

Index of Borderlands 2 Guides:

Borderlands 2 Cheats

Borderlands 1 Unlockables

Special Skins & Heads For All Classes:

Borderlands 2 will reward veterans of the first Borderlands game with exclusive character customization elements as in-game bonuses in Borderlands 2 if you have a save file on your console hard drive and completed Borderlands 1 game. Once you start up Borderlands 2, then you’ll be rewarded with a unique swappable head and skin for every class!

Vault Veteran Rewards: Here’s a look at the character heads and skins that are unlocked when Borderlands 2 detects save data from the original Borderlands!

Campaign Unlockables

Unlimited Eridium:

Here’s a useful exploit if you’re looking for easy Eridium. Eridium is used for blackmarket shops to buy weapon upgrades and backpack upgrades.

To make use of the Unlimited Eridium Glitch, make sure you have done the “A Dam Fine Rescue” Mission or at least until you get to open that gate.

Watch the step-by-step video guide to see how to get unlimited Eridium:

Infinite Money & Items Duplication:

Here is a video guide showing you how to do the Borderlands 2 money cheat with help from a (good) friend. These cheats only work on the Xbox 360 version of the game.

This will work for item duplication using a similar glitch, by dropping weapons, and then exiting & entering game. Just to be safe, you might want to try these cheats with a small amount of money and a disposable gun first.

How To Unlock New Game +:

Finish the game once to unlock the New Game + option. When playing through the game’s campaign again using it, enemies will be extra powerful.

How To Unlock True Vault Hunter Mode:

Finish the game to the end to unlock a new playthrough mode. The game will tell you: “Congratulations — you’ve unlocked True Vault Hunter Mode! You can change your playthrough mode from the Main Menu.”

Possible PC Cheat Codes:

Since PC cheat codes were available in Borderlands 1, we’re guessing these cheat codes might work in Borderlands 2 as well. Here’s how to enter them into the game.

Find the folder on your PC that reads: My Documents\My Games\Borderlands\WillowGame\Config\ and then open the WillowGame.ini file. In that file, search for the below listed bolded term and change it to cheat as much as you’d like.
Note: Obviously editing game files is at your own risk.

Here’s the list of cheat codes:

• To ChangeCap Weapon Slots — Type: WeaponReadyMax (2 to 4)
• To enable Demigod Mode (Invincibility) — Type: bDemiGodMode (set to true)
• To raise Max Inventory — Type: InventorySlotMax_Misc (choose number)
• To be able to shoot your teammates and do damage. — Type: bIgnoreFriendlyFire (the first term – change to “false”)
• To let NPCs do dmg to eachother. — Type: bIgnoreNPCFriendlyFire (the second term – change to “false”)
• To make sure bosses do not regain health after dying. — Type: bBossesRegenHealthOnReset (change to “true”)
• To ressurect all players when one of your guys dies. — Type: bResurrectAllPlayersWhenOneDies (change to “true”)

Extra Unlockables

Borderlands 2 spooky Halloween SHiFT Codes:

Unlock Salvador the Gunzerker’s “Killer Bee” Halloween skin with the following SHiFT code…

• Xbox 360: WTK33-HFR95-RZRJX-KRBB3-CZ3KF

Unlock the Siren’s “Fright of the Bumblebee” Halloween skin with the following SHiFT code…

• Xbox 360: WJC3T-SS6S5-X9FTF-WRTB3-BT39H

Unlock the Assassin’s “Hornet’s Nest” Halloween skin with the following SHiFT code…

• PC: 5J5JB-B9S35-W6J33-3BJBT-33JSF
• Xbox 360: 5J53B-J96HW-F9FBX-CFTT3-FTFXS
• PS3: KBKB3-J3R5J-BKCKT-H3W33-9F56C

Unlock the Commando’s “Yellow Jacket” Halloween skin with the following SHiFT code…

• Xbox 360: KBKBT-WH6Z5-X96B6-WX3TJ-5J6J3

Unlock the Mechromancer’s “Stinger Missile” Halloween skin with the following SHiFT code…

• Xbox 360: WTKTJ-696S5-R9RB6-5RTT3-BTS3H

Instructions to activate the skins: Go to main menu. Go to Extras. Go to Shift Code. Sign up. Enter in the Shift Code. Start the game up. Go to inventory. Unlock skins. Go to a Quick change. And select the skin you want!

Free Golden Keys & DLC Mechromancer Class:

Redeem your codes for more awesome Borderlands content, and get your Player Loyalty Rewards.

Shift Codes: Sign in with your Gearbox Software Shift account and redeem your Shift Codes to unlock exclusive content for Borderlands like an extra Golden Key*! Not a Shift member yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Free stuff!
Golden Key description: “Unlock a rare item in the mysterious Sanctuary Loot Chest.”

* The only other way to unlock an extra Golden Key to open golden chests with [which is recommended you do at a higher/max character level] is by pre-ordering the game. Which, at select retailers also nets you a future DLC release [on October 9, 2012] of Gaige’s Mechromancer character class.

Golden Key Cheat:

If there’s no way for you to get any more Golden Keys, you can always cheat and get lots of them.
Note: Obviously editing game files is at your own risk.

Here are the steps to take for more Golden Keys:

• First off, close borderlands and steam down completely.
• Then, go to: C:\Program File (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\DLC\POPremierClub\Lic (or wherever you have it installed).
• Then open file: WillowDLC
• Edit: [GoldenKeys] +SourceId=254 +NumKeys=1
[PromotionalUnlocks] +UnlockId=2
• Change to:
[GoldenKeys] +SourceId=254 +NumKeys=255
[PromotionalUnlocks] +UnlockId=2
• Lastly, save the file and relaunch the game.

Unlock Vermivorous the Invincible Cheat:

Here’s how to find the Vermivorous the Invincible Legendary Boss! Vermivorous the Invincible can be found by “evolving Varkids”. This video gives a guide on how to find Vermivorous and get his legendary drops.

An easy way to get Vermivorous the Invincible is:
If you or a friend is on? True Vault Hunter difficulty mode and you have not completed the side quest: Creature Slaughter arena. All you have to do is go to the natural selection annex and complete the first round. On the second round there are 5 waves, on the last wave you will face an Ultimate Varkid, don’t kill it and it will turn into Vermivorous the Invincible in no time at all. And if you kill him and he doesn’t drop anything then restart! – tip by HeWhoPwnsNoobs

Additionally, here’s how to get all the Vermivorous the Invincible Head Drops. They are: G4l4H4D for the Assassin, Bone Blinder for the Commando, Kawaii Killer for the Siren, and Lovely Corpse for the Mechromancer.

Borderlands 2 cheats thanks to: Nemlet from the Gearbox forums. Video guides by: WeDGAFluff, Gametastik, BHLxGaming, Riflegaming & Askacapper.

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