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16 September 2012
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Homestuck Video Game

“Nerdy News” is a mini-news show geared towards gamers, technosexuals, and all other geeky peeps.

In this eighty-second episode of Nerdy News, I’ll be reporting on:

  • Video game retail sales declined for the ninth month in August.
  • A new study shows that violent video games can increase pain tolerance.
  • NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory team are using game technology to give us a closer look at the latest mission to Mars.
  • Homestuck, the popular webcomic, has a video game in the works.

Here’s the new episode of Nerdy News!

What do you think?

Are there any ways U.S. video game stores can turn around the sales trends? Or, is this the beginning of the end for brick-and-mortar stores? Have you noticed violent video games increasing your pain tolerance? Do you like to play violent games when you are sick or injured? Can fan-driven entertainment, like Homestuck, be re-imagined into a game (or other media) without direct fan input?

If you have any advice or tips on how I can improve these videos let me know in the comments! Thanks for all of your opinions! ^_^


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