Sleeping Dogs Favors Guide

Welcome to the Sleeping Dogs Favors Guide for the PC, Xbox 360 & PS3 open world action-adventure game.

The in-game locations for some of the 36 Favors are shown in the guide below.

Sleeping Dogs Favors Guide

These video guides shows you where all of the Sleeping Dogs favors take place in-game through natural story progression.

Favor #1: Fashion Advice

Favor #2: Ting’s T-Shirts

Favor #3: Quick Fix

Favor #4: Paying Hospital Bills

Favor #5: A Quiet Drive

Favor #6: Cheaters Never Prosper!

Favor #7: Red-Handed Tiffany

Favor #9: Just A Little Driving!

Favor #10: Cheaters Never Prosper Part 2

Favor #11: Drunk Disposal

Favor #12: Truck Recovery

Favor #13: Turn Losers Into Winners

Index of Sleeping Dogs Guides:

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