World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Map

A World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Map shows the new continent of Pandaria.

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Here are the regions shown on the Pandaria Map:

The Jade Forest
Level 85-86
After a devastating naval battle, survivors from both the Horde and Alliance wash up onto the tree-lined shores of the Jade Forest. Surrounded by wilderness, they must form alliances with the natives if they wish to survive. Along the way, they will meet the pandaren… along with some of the greater powers that protect and shape Pandaria.

Krasarang Wilds
Level 86-88
The Krasarang Wilds along Pandaria’s southern coast conceal many ancient secrets of a lost dynasty that have drawn the attention of prophecy-seekers among the Alliance and Horde. The Wilds are also home to the vicious, domineering Mogu, and a more insidious danger still: the Sha of Despair is believed to have escaped from its bindings in the Temple of the Red Crane, and stifling gloom has begun to blanket the land in its path.

Kun-Lai Summit
Level 87-89
High atop the frigid northern peaks of the Kun-Lai Summit looms the Temple of the Tiger, an ancient training ground protected by an elite force of martial priests, along with the spirit of the White Tiger itself. Deeper into the mountains is the hideout of the Shado-pan: a mysterious order charged with protecting Pandaria from the dark things buried beneath its surface. When the isolated people of Kun-Lai are threatened by marauders from the west and a Zandalari troll menace invading its northern shores, they turn to the Alliance and Horde for help.

Townlong Steppes
Level 89-90
Separated from the rest of Pandaria by the Pandaren Wall, the rampaging mantid people of the Townlong Wastes devour everything in their path in order to build their own crystalline empire of ruthless warriors and scheming feudal lords. The pandaren are left reeling when the mantid’s thousand-year cycle of aggression kicks off a hundred years too early and their greatest warriors burst through the Pandaren Wall. The beleaguered pandaren must now face the worst swarm in recorded history while trying to isolate the cause of the mantid’s erratic behavior.

Dread Wastes
Level 89-90
In the dark heart of mantid territory, few pandaren dare to tread. It is here that the mantid empress holds court from her once-splendid palace. A dark shadow has crept over the mantid race, and the behavior of the empress has grown erratic. Driven to madness, the empress is unleashing a swarm that threatens to overwhelm the wall and engulf Pandaria. But even within the mantid race there are some who wish to see the Empress overthrown. Ending her reign will require breaching her palace stronghold, now known as the Heart of Fear.

Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Level 90
The ancient seat of the pandaren empire has been hidden for generations, shrouded in mists and walled-off by impassible mountains. The waters of the Vale are believed to have mystical powers… which has attracted the attention of ancient enemies as well as power-hungry factions within the Alliance and Horde. What secrets lie buried below this mystical font of power?

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