Sleeping Dogs Random Events Locations Guide

Welcome to the Sleeping Dogs Random Events locations guide for the PC, Xbox 360 & PS3 open world action-adventure game.

Finding all 11 Random Events locations and doing them to get 100% of the game done, it unlocks the following achievement/trophy:
“Event Planner” (15 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy) — Complete all of the open world Events.
Note: You also have to complete all 17 drug busts shown on the in-game map.

The in-game locations for the Random Events are shown in the guide below.

Sleeping Dogs Random Events

This video guide shows you where all of the Sleeping Dogs Random Events locations are on the map and in-game.

Tip: Your best chance to find an active event is during daytime when the weather is sunny. 10AM – 2PM works best. The Shoplifter events won’t show up at night or while it is raining. — If you think none of the events ever shows up you have to progress further in the story and complete more favors. Don’t worry if you messed up during an event. It will respawn later on.

Timeline for the random events:

Shoplifter #1 – 0:11
Shoplifter #2 – 0:34
Shoplifter #3 – 1:02
Shoplifter #4 – 1:25

Hit and Run #1 – 1:49
Hit and Run #2 – 2:06
Hit and Run #3 – 2:22

Junk in the Trunk #1 – 2:42
Junk in the Trunk #2 – 3:01
Junk in the Trunk #3 – 3:18
Junk in the Trunk #4 – 3:33

Description: Random Events are apparently the only thing in the game that is not shown on the map. You have to finish those events if you are going for 100% game completion. The events take place at random times, but have fixed locations. You have to make some good progress in the game before the events show up (completing story missions, side missions and favors). The events are not available from the beginning on! Once you are done with the story and side missions you are good to go.

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