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Looking for Darksiders 2 cheats and tips for THQ’s new action-adventure game? Here are some unlockables.

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Darksiders 2 Cheats

How to unlock Darksiders 1’s Weapons & Armor?

Here are exclusive pieces of bonus content only for Darksiders 1 fans.

Unlockable Extras:
#1. Players who played the first Darksiders will unlock the Pauldron of the Horsemen in Darksiders II. This level 5 legendary armor piece boosts all Death’s stats as well as his critical damage.
When you receive it the game tells you: Muria, the Maker Shaman, gave you this Pauldron. “The path of a brother troubles you,” she said. “It is your past, but also your future.”

#2. Gamers who have finished Darksiders 1 on any difficulty will also earn a level 1 legendary scythe called the Chaos Fang which will boost Death’s damage and critical damage.
When you receive it the game tells you: These scythes bear distinctive markings of the Four Horsemen. Known as the Chaos Fangs, the scythes reap a heavy toll amongst any enemies foolish enough to challenge Death. In many ways, the Chaos Fangs resemple the weapon of the Horseman War — the infamous deadly Chaoseater.

#3. Get an exclusive free unlock code for the level 5 axe called Rusanov’s Axe by Liking the official Darksiders 2 Facebook page here to get the unlock code sent to you by THQ.
When you receive it the game describes it as: Brought into countless battles by a once great Demon lord. The face of the axe displays the torment of those it has slain. Said to consume the soul of its victims and writhe them in eternal agony.

Where To Receive Them:
Available in in-game from launch. Wait until after the game’s intro, and go to Tri-Stone and go talk to the Maker Shaman Muria (map location shown in the video guide below). She will give you the items listed above, after you’re done talking to her the items are received and will appear in your Inventory menu.

The #1 & #2 in-game item unlocks are based on Darksiders 1 Achievements / Trophies you have unlocked. — So if you haven’t completed Darksiders you might want to pull your disk out or download it directly from Xbox Live, PSN or on Steam to get ready for Darksiders II.

Examples of other unlockables you have to buy include:
* Fletcher’s Crow Hammer, that’s included in the official Darksiders 2 strategy guide.
* Shadow Death armor and scythe set with unique stats, that’s part of the Darksiders 2 Collectors Edition.

How To Unlock Avatar Rewards:

On Xbox 360 there are Avatar Rewards to unlock and dress up your avatar character with. Death’s mask is definitely the coolest of the bunch! 😀

#1. To unlock the Darksiders Art Shirt, you must finish the game on any difficulty. It’ll be available after the “A Stroll in a Demonic Park” Achievement unlocks.
#2. To unlock the Darksiders Logo Cap, you must beat the Crowfather. It’ll be available after the “Crow Carrion” Achievement unlocks.
#3. To unlock the Death Mask, you must finish The Crucible arena mode. It’ll be available after the “Is There Anyone Else?” Achievement unlocks.

How To Unlock Nightmare Difficulty Mode:

Nightmare Difficulty Mode gets unlocked after you complete the game on Apocalyptic Difficulty Mode.

New Game + Warning:

After you’ve finished Darksiders 2 for the first time, you’ll unlock “New Game +” mode. Be warned! When you enter “New Game +” everything resets except for your rank! That means all your hard earned collectibles are erased as well as any progress you made through other secondary missions will be gone. So you should seriously consider sticking with your original save file.

Item Duplication Cheat:

If you send someone an item in-game and then quickly log out of X-Box Live you’ll end up with the message not being sent from your account but still being received in your friend’s account, ending up with duplicates of any items being sent.

Tried this a few times and it seems to work as long as you get logged out fast enough. Disconnecting my wired internet connection seems the most reliable method for me. 🙂 – Thanks to Jezebel1669 for discovering this on Xbox 360!

Although we keep hoping someone discovers a cheats entering panel with some weapon and money cheat codes. It seems most games like Darksiders 2 have replaced cheats with downloadable content (DLC) or pre-order items you’ll get delivered to your game via the in-game’s online Tome inventory system.

Video guide thanks to: ManufacturedOpinionn

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