Sleeping Dogs Health Shrines Locations Guide

Welcome to the Sleeping Dogs Health Shrines locations guide for the PC, Xbox 360 & PS3 open world action-adventure game.

Finding all 50 Health Shrines locations and picking up these health upgrades will unlock 100% maximum health for Wei Shen and unlocks the following achievement/trophy:
“Spiritual Healing” (15 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy) — Pray at all of the Health Shrines.

The in-game locations for the Health Shrines include:
* 10 health shrines in Aberdeen,
* 10 health shrines in Kennedy Town,
* 15 health shrines in North Point,
* 15 health shrines in Central.
Where they are found is shown in the guide below.

Sleeping Dogs Health Shrines

This video guide shows you where all of the Sleeping Dogs Health Shrines locations are on the map and in-game.

Tip: Health Shrines emanate a bright flickering light like a lighthouse, so once you’re in the area they are found in, you’ll easily be able to see them.

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