The Last Story Cheats

Looking for The Last Story cheats and tips for Mistwalker’s newest RPG? Here are some for your perusal.

How to unlock more colors for Character Customization?

Character Customization Items are:
1) Dropped by enemies,
2) Bought from town merchants. Find them next to red flags during the game or…
3) Found in Seek Mode around town. Then when 1 of 8 sparkly item point shows up and you get a “SEEK” message in the bottom left corner, you should point Zael’s cursor at the sparkly item to pick it. One after the other, if you’re quick you can pick up up to 5 items at a Seek point.

The Items that increase Character Customization are:

* Red Igneous Rock.
* Yellow Fish Scale.
* Green Clover.
* Khaki Bullet.
* Spring Vegetable Seed.
* Midsummer Coral.
* Fallen Autumn Leaf.
* Wintersky Stardust.

How to unlock Stat Boosters?

To find the 17 Stat Boosters you have to pay attention to corners of the game where you don’t see any pedestrian Non-Player Characters walking around. Additionally, 4 treasure chests with items are hidden around the city, and 11 people around town will give random items to Zael if he stares at them long enough haha!

You can visit Wikidot for a full list of Random Items & Weapons to collect.

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