The Last Story 2 Not Planned Currently, Says Hironobu Sakaguchi

According to famed Final Fantasy & The Last Story creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, The Last Story 2 is currently not planned… but that’s only because his company Mistwalker isn’t making any big RPG’s at the moment. Read on for what Mr. Sakaguchi had to say.

Game Press Question: Is there maybe a chance that the “The Last Story” isn’t the last one, pretty much like it was with “Final Fantasy”? Or to put it another way: How are the chances for “The Last Story 2”?? Do you have any ideas for another big RPG?

Hironobu Sakaguchi Answer: Currently we don’t have any big RPG projects [like a The Last Story sequel]. At this time I would like to create games with a small production team and build up a good and solid team. I don’t know what will happen down the road. But that unknown is the life’s enjoyment, I think.

That’s right, Hironobu Sakaguchi is currently making smartphone games. The first of which is a $1.99 surfing-action game titled Party Wave, which was released last week for iOS systems (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad).

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Here’s the The Last Story trailer directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi himself:

Us fans should speak up and let Nintendo know we very much want them to fund Mistwalker and AQ Interactive to develop a Wii U-exclusive The Last Story 2!

August 2014 Update: At a PAX 2014 panel with Hironobu Sakaguchi, the panel moderator asked the crowd if they’d like to see a The Last Story sequel on the Wii U. The crowd applauded and cheered this suggestion, to which Sakaguchi-San responded by saying:

“Ok, yeah, you talk to Nintendo.
And maybe PlayStation 4 too?”

When further asked which consoles he plans to work on, Sakaguchi-San clarified that he has no idea yet, but that it could be PC, Xbox, PlayStation or something else. He added:

“Nintendo always keeps people on their toes when it comes to new hardware announcements. I’m looking forward to the New 3DS and hope to have a chance to work on it as well.”

Maybe we’ll get a Wii port of The Last Story to the New 3DS first?

Would you like Hironobu Sakaguchi to direct The Last Story 2?