Kevin Smith Talks About Storytelling In Games

The latest episode of Bonus Round discusses “The Future of Storytelling” with Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith is the writer/director of movies such as Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Cop Out. He’s also written for Marvel & DC Comics like Daredevil, Green Arrow, Spider-Man/Black Cat, Batman, and Green Hornet.

What does the future of storytelling in tomorrow’s games look like? In this discussion, industry veterans Tom Bissell and David Jaffe join Geoff and Kevin to weigh in on what they think the future of game narrative looks like. Plus, we will ever see a game from Kevin Smith? Find out! Kevin’s discussion about these games and what games he’d like to write starts at 12:30 minutes into the interview.

PS: The image above is from the Jay & Silent Bob in Too Fat To Fly iOS game, which doesn’t have a story heh.

What kind of game would you want Kevin Smith to write?