Kingdom Hearts 3D Keyblades

30 July 2012
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Kingdom Hearts 3D Keyblades

Here’s a list of Kingdom Hearts 3D Keyblades with instructions on how to unlock all 12 Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance on the Nintendo 3DS. That’s besides the default Keyblades of course. Here’s the full list of unlockable Keyblades in the action-RPG game…

1. Skull Noise: Clear Traverse Town (1st).
2. Guardian Bell: Clear La Cite des Cloches.
3. Dual Disk: Clear The Grid.
4. Ferris Gear: Clear Prankster’s Paradise.
5. Finisher Knuckle: Clear Traverse Town (2nd).
6. All For One: Clear Country of the Musketeers.
7. Fantasy Notes: Clear Symphony of Sorcery.
8. Dive Wing: Get A Rank on every Dive.
9. Sweet Dream: Clear all Flick Rush cups.
10. Ultima Weapon: Defeat Julius.
11. Overdrive: Clear all Secret Portals.
12. End of Pain: Clear all Special Portals.


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