Final Fantasy XV To Be Announced As Final Fantasy Versus XIII Becomes Vaporware?

Lots of exciting Final Fantasy sequel rumors have been floating around as of late revolving around a Final Fantasy XV becoming more likely, as Final Fantasy Versus XIII becomes vaporware after another no-show at E3 2012. Instead, Square Enix chose to show a a tech demo with all-new Final Fantasy characters!

#1: The first rumor puts a video online that suggested the since before 2006 in development Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been renamed into Final Fantasy XV! As you can see from the first video below, it’s a student film project by upset fans who bought a PS3 for Versus XIII. Square Enix confirmed it as a fake rumor.

#2: The second rumor of a Final Fantasy XV Tech Demo actually comes from a video officially released by Square Enix themselves to show off their next-generation Luminous Engine. The CGI scene is called the Agni’s Philosophy demo, take a look here.

Watch the (that sure looks like “Final Fantasy XV”) Realtime Tech Demo titled “Agni’s Philosophy”.

Square Enix’s CTO Yoshihisa Hashimoto had the following to say about the tech demo:

“The goal of the Agni project was to offer in realtime visuals that would normally be shown prerendered. I served as producer and director, directing both the content and the technology and also handling management and quality checks.”

The above realtime demo is running on a high spec PC with 64 bit Windows 7. Here are the rest of the graphic specifications:

* 1920×1080 full HD resolution,
* Variable framerate between 30 and 60,
* FP16 (16 bit floating point) format for HDR rendering,
* A single frame as between 5 million and 10 million polygons. This includes unseen polygons used in post shadow generation and post processing.

Update July 20th, 2012: Various online sources are now reporting that Final Fantasy Versus XIII has indeed recently been cancelled. As a result either its development staff or game assets and other resources were folded into Final Fantasy XV at Square Enix HQ.

Translations by Andriasang

Would you like Final Fantasy XV to look like “Agni’s Philosophy”?