Halo 2 Anniversary Rumor (Nerdy News)

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Is it important that parents monitor who children communicate with on online gaming consoles? Should Sony continue to invest in online streaming? Was their acquisition of GaiKai too costly? How much hard drive space do you have on you Xbox 360? Do you need an upgrade to play Halo 4 multiplayer? Would it be worth playing if you have to purchase a bigger hard driver or 8 GB flash drive?

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January 2014 Update: New rumors leaked from Microsoft suggest that Halo Anniversary developers Saber Interactive & Certain Affinity are set to release Halo 2 Anniversary for Xbox One on November 11th, 2014, which would include Halo 5 Beta access for use in 2015. Halo 2 Anniversary is said to run at 1080p, but it’s unclear if it’ll hit 30FPS or 60FPS.