Where’s My Perry? Cheats

6 July 2012
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Where's My Perry Cheats

Looking for Where’s My Perry cheats and tips for Disney’s newest physics-based puzzler?

Here’s a Where’s My Perry cheats sheet:

It explains water exists in 3 natural states: Liquid, Steam & Ice. You can use Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s “Crazy-inators” gadgets, the heat-inators and cool-inators, to instantly transform water between its 3 states. Changing water between ice, liquid & steam will help get Agent P to the Organization Without a Cool Acronym’s headquarters.

Where's My Perry Cheats

This developer trailer reveals how you must manipulate the water with your fingers across the level to solve the puzzles of each stage and find a number of hidden collectibles throughout the game, whose secret items will unlock hidden levels.

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