Lego Batman 3 Hint In Lego Batman 2 Ending?

We’ve already had a Lego Star Wars Trilogy of video games, so how about adding Lego Batman 3 and making it a Lego Batman Trilogy as well? The Lego Batman 2 ending has now hinted at a sequel!

Spoiler alert ahead!

Stop reading and watching if you haven’t finished the 15-level Story Mode in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes yet. Otherwise the below ending sequence will obviously contain spoilers, and it’s more fun to finish the game by yourself and find out that way. 🙂

Watch the Lego Batman 2 ending here:

As you can see from the video; after Batman, Robin & the Justice League claim victory in the final battle against Lex Luthor & The Joker, the CGI cutscene fades out to outer space to reveal Brainiac in his spaceship detecting the green energy signature that Green Lantern shot in the air moments ago!

Brainiac ominously says: “I have located it…”

This clearly hints he (or is an android an “it”?) would be the villain our DC Super Heroes would have to stop in Lego Batman 3. He could be planning to use the green power ring to take over the world, or worse, the universe! 😮

What should they add to Lego Batman 3?