Lego Batman 2 Vehicle List

This is the Lego Batman 2 vehicle list of the 55 that are in the game, all playable vehicle are listed below.

The vehicles are taken from both the Batman series and the whole DC Comics universe, with the creators at TT Games fiting a lot of funny random vehicles into the Batman storyline as well.

This Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, 3DS, DS, and PS Vita game is the follow-up to the hugely successful Lego Batman: The Videogame, and will include many new vehicles.

NOTE: We also have a guide explaining how to unlock all Lego Batman 2 vehicles.

Lego Batman 2 Vehicle List

This list shows the known playable vehicles in Lego Batman 2, both for land, water and air. All in alphabetical order.

1. Ambulance (Land)
2. Bane’s Mole Machine (Land)
3. Batboat (Water)
4. Batboat built from Minikit (Water)
5. Batcycle (Land)
6. Batman Dodgem (Land)
7. Batman’s Watercraft (Water)
8. Batmobile (Land)
9. Batmobile built from Minikit (Land)
10. Batwing (Air)
11. Catwoman’s Motorbike (Land)
12. Cement Truck (Land)
13. Clown Goon Boat (Water)
14. Fire Engine Truck (Land)
15. Giant Dodgem (Land)
16. Harley Quinn’s Monster Truck (Land)
17. Harley Quinn’s Monster Truck built from Minikit (Land)
18. Harley Quinn’s Motorbike (Land)
19. Joker Digger (Land)
20. Killer Croc’s Speedboat (Water)
21. Lex Luthor’s Exo-skeleton
22. Lexcorp Juggernaut (Land)
23. Lexcorp Juggernaut built from Minikit (Land)
24. Lexcorp Limousine (Land)
25. Mini Batmobile (Land)
26. Mini Harley Quinn’s Hammer Truck (Land)
27. Mini Penguin Submarine (Water)
28. Mini Two-Face’s Custom Car (Land)
29. Mr. Freeze’s Iceberg built from Minikit (Water)
30. News Reporter Van (Land)
31. Penguin’s Submarine (Water)
32. Penguin’s Submarine built from Minikit (Water)
33. Police Boat built from Minikit (Water)
34. Police Car (Land)
35. Police Car built from Minikit (Land)
36. Police Riot Truck (Land)
37. Pumpkin Car (Land)
38. Robin’s Helicopter (Air)
39. Robin’s Motorbike (Land)
40. Robin’s Multi-colored Batmobile (Land)
41. Robin’s Submarine (Water)
42. Robin’s Watercraft (Water)
43. School Bus (Land)
44. Speedboat (Water)
45. Sports Fishing Boat (Water)
46. The Joker’s Ambulance (Land)
47. The Joker’s Helicopter (Air)
48. The Joker’s Jetski (Water)
49. The Joker’s Speedboat (Water)
50. The Joker’s Speedboat built from Minikit (Water)
51. Two-Face’s Truck (Land)
52. Two-Face’s Truck built from Minikit (Land)
53. ?
54. ?
55. ?

At 2 minutes into this video, the creators of the game show off how to access vehicles from the Batcave.

What are you looking forward to driving/piloting in Lego Batman 2?

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