Lego Batman 2 Walkthrough

19 June 2012
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Lego Batman 2 Walkthrough

Level 11: Underground Retreat

Talk about a “Crash Landing”! That was intense! Let’s go pay a visit to The Joker Robot’s crash site.

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  • Walkthrough video guide highlights timeline:

    5:31 – Have Superman pull the orange lever and build Batman’s Electricity Suit. Have Batman use the electric socket. Then, have Superman pull the orange handle in the middle debris. Use Superman’s frost breathe to put out the fire in the second debris (afterwards go left to collect a purple stud).
    7:40 – Build Batman’s power suit, have him destroy the silver plating to the left and run back to the beginning of the level to get the minikit, then run back and switch back to Batman’s electric suit and re-charge the electric socket.
    8:20 – Minikit.
    9:38 – Switch back to Batman’s power suit to shoot the silver plating in the middle silver debris.
    10:48 – destroy the silver crates, build the handle, build Batman’s Bat Suit, use it on the water pipe next to the rail roads. Use Superman’s frost breathe to freeze the water. Have Batman climb up the ice block and have him glide to the other side.

    Lego Batman 2 Walkthrough Part 2 of Level 11.

    Walkthrough video guide highlights timeline (Part 2):

    1:15 – Have Superman use his frost breathe to put out the fire. Have Batman glide to the middle platform then have him glide to the right platform.
    3:00 – Use Batman’s Sonic gun to lower the ladder for Superman, have Superman use his X-ray vision to disable the electric current, then have Superman jump down and pull the orange handle.
    4:30 – Use Superman’s laser beam Heat Vision on the gold plating on The Joker Robot to damage it.
    7:25 – Have Superman use his frost breathe on the fire, move forward and destroy the crates, they will have Batman’s Electric suit. Have Batman cross the electric field and disable it with the socket. Then have Superman pull out the door, allowing for Batman to use the electric socket.

    Goals in Level 11:

    1) Collect 110,000 studs to get Super Hero status.
    2) Collect (1/10) Minikits.

    Level 12: The Next President

    Evil genius Lex Luthor is still trying to force becoming President by holding a “City Hall Rally”. Let’s go have a look, shall we? 🙂

    Walkthrough video guide highlights timeline:

    5:50 – Have Superman use his laser beam Heat Vision to cutout the gold wall, which reveals silver tubes/pipes.
    5:25 – Minikit, poster 1/5.
    6:05 – Minikit, poster 2/5.
    6:25 – Batarang the three boxes on top of the second floor, build a power suit from the debris and shoot a rocket at the silver pipes, where Superman cutout the gold plate before, then have Superman use his frost breathe to freeze the water and use it as a ladder.
    7:30 – Minikit, hidden minikit behind a statue.
    7:40 – Minikit poster 3/5.
    8:00 – Minikit poster 4/5, then go to the left for studs.
    8:30 – Have superman use his laser beam on the gold ladder, Batman’s Electric suit will appear and build it, so Batman can climb the ladder and use the electric socket to let Superman up.
    9:20 – Minikit poster 5/5.
    11:49 – The Joker Robot Boss Fight!
    1) Save the game.
    2) Build the helicopter on the right, use the Batarang to climb up the helicopter, Shine the light beam in Joker’s eyes.
    3) Run to the left, have Superman use his laser beams to carve out the gold wall. Have Batman change to his bat suit and fly/glide across the screen on to the other second floor and have him use his sonic gun on the blue boxes. Have him build a ladder, then have him build the rest of the blocks.
    — Have Batman run back to the other side of the roof and change to his electric suit, and then run back to the other side and charge the electric socket.
    — Blind Joker with the light beam again.
    4) Have Superman run to the middle of the The Joker Robot and pull out the orange handle.

    Goals in Level 12:

    1) Collect 55,000 studs to get Super Hero status.
    2) Collect (2/10) Minikits.

    Lego Batman 2 Walkthrough continues on Page 7 with Level 13.


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