Lego Batman 2 Character List

This is the Lego Batman 2 character list of the over 60 that are in the game, all playable characters are listed below.

The characters are taken from both the Batman series and the whole DC Comics universe, which the creators at TT Games managed to fit into the Batman storyline.

Here’s the funny Lego Batman 2 launch trailer showing off the main characters.

The Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes launch date is on June 19th, 2012 in America and June 22nd, 2012 in Europe for nearly all systems, including: Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, 3DS, DS, and PS Vita.

This game is the follow-up to the hugely successful Lego Batman: The Videogame, and will build on that title.

Lego Batman 2 Character List

This list shows the known playable characters in Lego Batman 2, and in some cases their Lego Batman 2 suits. All in alphabetical order.

NOTE: We also have a guide explaining how to unlock all Lego Batman 2 characters.

1. Alfred
2. Aquaman
3. Bane
4. Batgirl
5. Batman (Power Suit, Sensor Suit, Electricity Suit, Bat Suit)
6. Bizarro (downloadable only)
7. Black Adam (downloadable only)
8. Black Canary
9. Black Manta (downloadable only)
10. Brainiac
11. Bruce Wayne
12. Captain Boomerang
13. Captain Cold (downloadable only)
14. Catwoman
15. Cheetah (didn’t make it into the final game)
16. Clark Kent
17. Clayface
18. Commissioner Gordon
19. Cyborg
20. Damian Wayne (downloadable only)
21. General Zod
22. Gorilla Grodd (downloadable only)
23. Green Lantern
24. Harley Quinn
25. Hawkgirl
26. Hawkman
27. Huntress
28. Hush
29. Joker Henchman (No Hat, Mime)
30. Katana (downloadable only)
31. Killer Croc
32. Killer Moth
33. LexBot
34. Lex Luthor
35. Lois Lane
36. Mad Hatter
37. Man-Bat
38. Mr. Freeze
39. Mr. Freeze Henchman
40. Nightwing (downloadable only)
41. Police Officer
42. Poison Ivy
43. Ra’s Al Ghul
44. Riddler Henchman
45. Robin (Acrobat Suit, Hazard Suit, Ice Suit, Magnet Suit)
46. Shazam (downloadable only)
47. Sinestro
48. Superboy (exclusive to portable systems)
49. Supergirl
50. Superman
51. Tim Drake Dick Grayson
52. The Flash
53. The Joker
54. The Penguin
55. The Martian Manhunter
56. The Riddler
57. The Scarecrow
58. Two-Face
59. Two-Face Henchman
60. Vicki Vale
61. Wonder Woman
62. Zatanna (downloadable only)
63. Azrael (exclusive to portable systems)
64. Deathstroke (exclusive to portable systems)

Who are you looking forward to playing as in Lego Batman 2?

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