Angry Birds HD Coming To Consoles

Activision has officially confirmed Angry Birds HD is coming to consoles!

Activision community spokesperson Dan Amrich confirmed the news through the Oneofswords community blog. To quote him:

“Activision is doing some form of Angry Birds on consoles. It’s the teasiest of the teases, but it is official.”

Last week it was also reported that during the E3 2012 show, a sneak peek at Angry Birds in HD could be seen in one of Activision’s sizzle reels at the publisher’s E3 2012 booth.

I don’t know about you, but outside of the iOS mobile releases & Angry Birds Friends on Facebook, I’ve already been playing quite a bit of Angry Birds HD in the free Chrome browser version. So it’s about time Rovio’s bringing the game to consoles! 😀

This video shows a HUGE Angry Birds Game Console. It’s being played on a 46″ 3×3 Planar Clarity Matrix Video Wall with Touch. Just because they can!

Have you been dying to play Angry Birds in HD?