Diablo 3 Legendary Items

29 May 2012
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Diablo 3 Legendary Items

Diablo 3 Legendary Items List

Here’s a list of all 220 Legendary Items in Diablo 3 so far! 😀

Gyana Na Kashu
Item – Spirit Stones, Gyana Na Kashu, Legendary

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  • Barter Town Pads
    Item – Pauldrons, Shoulders, Barter Town Pads, Legendary

    Depth Diggers
    Item – Depth Diggers, Pants, Legendary

    The Executioner
    Item – Two-Handed, The Executioner, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Lut Socks
    Item – Lut Socks, Boots, Legendary

    The Grin Reaper
    Item – Voodoo Masks, Legendary, The Grin Reaper

    The Broken Staff
    Item – Staves, Two-Handed, The Broken Staff, 2-Hand, Legendary

    The Three Hundredth Spear
    Item – 1-Hand, Spears, One-Handed, Legendary, The Three Hundredth Spear

    Item – 1-Hand, Genzaniku, One-Handed, Legendary

    Thing of the Deep
    Item – Off-Hand, Thing of the Deep, Mojos, Legendary

    Heart Slaughter
    Item – Two-Handed, Polearms, Heart Slaughter, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Pledge of Caldeum
    Item – Pledge of Caldeum, Two-Handed, Polearms, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Item – Two-Handed, Polearms, Standoff, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Gazing Demise
    Item – Off-Hand, Mojos, Legendary, Gazing Demise

    See No Evil
    Item – Spirit Stones, See No Evil, Legendary

    Gladiator Gauntlets
    Item – Hands, Gladiator Gauntlets, Gloves, Legendary

    Lidless Wall
    Item – Shields, Off-Hand, Lidless Wall, Legendary

    Ivory Tower
    Item – Shields, Off-Hand, Ivory Tower, Legendary

    Winter Flurry
    Item – Off-Hand, Winter Flurry, Legendary

    Stone Gauntlets
    Item – Hands, Gloves, Stone Gauntlets, Legendary

    The Swami
    Item – The Swami, Wizard Hats, Legendary

    Item – Hands, Magefist, Gloves, Legendary

    Item – Wands, Starfire, 1-Hand, Ranged, Legendary

    Item – Shields, Off-Hand, Legendary, Centurion

    Frostburn Gauntlets
    Item – Hands, Gloves, Legendary, Frostburn Gauntlets

    Pox Faulds
    Item – Pants, Pox Faulds, Legendary

    Fletcher’s Pride
    Item – Fletcher’s Pride, Off-Hand, Quivers, Legendary

    Gungdo Gear
    Item – Bracers, Gungdo Gear, Wrists, Legendary

    Strongarm Bracers
    Item – Bracers, Strongarm Bracers, Wrists, Legendary

    Split Tusk
    Item – Split Tusk, Voodoo Masks, Legendary

    Moonlight Ward
    Item – Moonlight Ward, Amulets, Jewelry, Legendary

    Holy Beacon
    Item – Amulets, Holy Beacon, Jewelry, Legendary

    String of Ears
    Item – String of Ears, Waist, Belts, Legendary

    Death Watch Mantle
    Item – Death Watch Mantle, Pauldrons, Shoulders, Legendary

    Lacuni Prowlers
    Item – Lacuni Prowlers, Bracers, Wrists, Legendary

    Vigilante Belt
    Item – Waist, Belts, Vigilante Belt, Legendary

    Angel Hair Braid
    Item – Waist, Angel Hair Braid, Belts, Legendary

    Heart of Iron
    Item – Chest Armor, Torso, Legendary, Heart of Iron

    Saffron Wrap
    Item – Waist, Belts, Saffron Wrap, Legendary

    Swamp Land Waders
    Item – Swamp Land Waders, Pants, Legendary

    Item – Hand Crossbows, 1-Hand, Ranged, Legendary

    Item – Ranged, 2-Hand, Legendary, Uskang

    Demon Machine
    Item – Demon Machine, Crossbows, Ranged, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Beckon Sail
    Item – Cloaks, Torso, Beckon Sail, Legendary

    Slave Bonds
    Item – Bracers, Slave Bonds, Wrists, Legendary

    Fire Walkers
    Item – Fire Walkers, Boots, Legendary

    Vile Ward
    Item – Vile Ward, Pauldrons, Shoulders, Legendary

    Balefire Caster
    Item – Hand Crossbows, 1-Hand, Ranged, Legendary, Balefire Caster

    Hammer Jammers
    Item – Hammer Jammers, Pants, Legendary

    The Crudest Boots
    Item – The Crudest Boots, Boots, Legendary

    Item – Cindercoat, Chest Armor, Torso, Legendary

    Ice Climbers
    Item – Ice Climbers, Boots, Legendary

    Sin Seekers
    Item – Off-Hand, Quivers, Sin Seekers, Legendary

    The Clouds and the Moon
    Item – Two-Handed, The Clouds and the Moon, 2-Hand, Daibo, Legendary

    Bakkan Caster
    Item – Crossbows, Bakkan Caster, Ranged, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Empyrean Messenger
    Item – 1-Hand, Empyrean Messenger, Spears, One-Handed, Legendary

    Item – Ranged, Cluckeye, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Steady Strikers
    Item – Steady Strikers, Bracers, Wrists, Legendary

    Item – Nailbiter, 1-Hand, Maces, One-Handed, Legendary

    Pus Spitter
    Item – Pus Spitter, Crossbows, Ranged, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Item – 1-Hand, Daggers, One-Handed, Legendary

    Autumn’s Call
    Item – Staves, Two-Handed, Autumn’s Call, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Echoing Fury
    Item – Echoing Fury, 1-Hand, Maces, One-Handed, Legendary

    Item – Two-Handed, Maces, Crushbane, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Arreat’s Law
    Item – 1-Hand, Arreat’s Law, Spears, One-Handed, Legendary

    Item – 1-Hand, Maces, Nutcracker, One-Handed, Legendary

    Odyn Son
    Item – 1-Hand, Maces, Odyn Son, One-Handed, Legendary

    The Barber
    Item – 1-Hand, Daggers, One-Handed, Legendary, The Barber

    The Undisputed Champion
    Item – Waist, Mighty Belts, The Undisputed Champion, Legendary

    Item – Staves, Two-Handed, Wormwood, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Dread Iron
    Item – Waist, Mighty Belts, Dread Iron, Legendary

    Item – Two-Handed, Maces, Boneshatter, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Pig Sticker
    Item – 1-Hand, Daggers, One-Handed, Pig Sticker, Legendary

    Item – Wizardspike, 1-Hand, Daggers, One-Handed, Legendary

    Broken Crown
    Item – Legendary, Helms, Broken Crown

    Leoric’s Crown
    Item – Leoric’s Crown, Legendary, Helms

    Blind Faith
    Item – Blind Faith, Legendary, Helms

    Stolen Ring
    Item – Stolen Ring, Rings, Jewelry, Legendary, Finger

    Item – Nagelring, Rings, Jewelry, Legendary, Finger

    Oculus Ring
    Item – Oculus Ring, Rings, Jewelry, Legendary, Finger

    Uhkapian Serpent
    Item – Off-Hand, Uhkapian Serpent, Mojos, Legendary

    The Oculus
    Item – The Oculus, Off-Hand, Legendary

    Tasker and Theo
    Item – Hands, Tasker and Theo, Gloves, Legendary

    Mara’s Kaleidoscope
    Item – Mara’s Kaleidoscope, Amulets, Jewelry, Legendary

    Promise of Glory
    Item – Bracers, Promise of Glory, Wrists, Legendary

    Eye of Etlich
    Item – Eye of Etlich, Amulets, Jewelry, Legendary

    Silver Star Piercers
    Item – Off-Hand, Quivers, Silver Star Piercers, Legendary

    Item – Chest Armor, Torso, Legendary, Goldskin

    Aquila Cuirass
    Item – Chest Armor, Torso, Legendary, Aquila Cuirass

    Item – Goldwrap, Waist, Belts, Legendary

    Squirt’s Necklace
    Item – Squirt’s Necklace, Amulets, Jewelry, Legendary

    Xephirian Amulet
    Item – Amulets, Xephirian Amulet, Jewelry, Legendary

    Blade of Prophecy
    Item – Blade of Prophecy, Swords, Two-Handed, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Won Khim Lau
    Item – 1-Hand, Fist Weapons, Won Khim Lau, One-Handed, Legendary

    The Grand Vizier
    Item – Staves, Two-Handed, The Grand Vizier, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Sun Keeper
    Item – 1-Hand, Maces, Sun Keeper, One-Handed, Legendary

    The Gidbinn
    Item – 1-Hand, Ceremonial Knives, The Gidbinn, One-Handed, Legendary

    Fiery Brimstone
    Item – Fiery Brimstone, Crafting, Crafting Materials, Legendary
    Inferno Obtained by using the Blacksmith to salvage legendary weapons and armor.

    Sky Splitter
    Item – Sky Splitter, 1-Hand, One-Handed, Legendary

    Band of Untold Secrets
    Item – Band of Untold Secrets, Rings, Jewelry, Legendary, Finger

    The Butcher’s Sickle
    Item – 1-Hand, One-Handed, Legendary, The Butcher’s Sickle

    Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band
    Item – Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band, Rings, Jewelry, Legendary, Finger

    Hierophant’s Seal
    Item – Rings, Jewelry, Hierophant’s Seal, Legendary, Finger

    Leoric’s Signet
    Item – Leoric’s Signet, Rings, Jewelry, Legendary, Finger

    Puzzle Ring
    Item – Rings, Puzzle Ring, Jewelry, Legendary, Finger

    Justice Lantern
    Item – Justice Lantern, Rings, Jewelry, Legendary, Finger

    Eternal Union
    Item – Rings, Jewelry, Legendary, Finger, Eternal Union

    Item – Swords, 1-Hand, Doombringer, One-Handed, Legendary

    Item – Swords, Sever, 1-Hand, One-Handed, Legendary

    Skull Grasp
    Item – Skull Grasp, Rings, Jewelry, Legendary, Finger

    Band of Hollow Whispers
    Item – Band of Hollow Whispers, Rings, Jewelry, Legendary, Finger

    Flesh Tearer
    Item – Flesh Tearer, 1-Hand, One-Handed, Legendary

    Item – Azurewrath, Swords, 1-Hand, One-Handed, Legendary

    The Burning Axe of Sankis
    Item – 1-Hand, The Burning Axe of Sankis, One-Handed, Legendary

    Monster Hunter
    Item – Swords, 1-Hand, Monster Hunter, One-Handed, Legendary

    Devil Tongue
    Item – Swords, 1-Hand, One-Handed, Legendary, Devil Tongue

    Manald Heal
    Item – Rings, Manald Heal, Jewelry, Legendary, Finger

    Item – Swords, 1-Hand, Skycutter, One-Handed, Legendary

    Broken Promises
    Item – Broken Promises, Rings, Jewelry, Legendary, Finger

    Item – Rings, Jewelry, Legendary, Finger, Unity

    Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
    Item – Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, Rings, Jewelry, Legendary, Finger

    Item – Swords, 1-Hand, Wildwood, One-Handed, Legendary

    The Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis
    Item – Swords, 1-Hand, The Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis, One-Handed, Legendary

    Item – Off-Hand, Homunculus, Mojos, Legendary

    Item – Two-Handed, Polearms, Vigilance, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Tzo Krin’s Gaze
    Item – Spirit Stones, Tzo Krin’s Gaze, Legendary

    Item – Off-Hand, Triumvirate, Legendary

    Blackhand Key
    Item – Blackhand Key, Wands, 1-Hand, Ranged, Legendary

    Bezoar Stone
    Item – Spirit Stones, Bezoar Stone, Legendary

    The Eye of the Storm
    Item – Spirit Stones, Legendary, The Eye of the Storm

    Slorak’s Madness
    Item – Wands, 1-Hand, Slorak’s Madness, Ranged, Legendary

    Item – Shields, Off-Hand, Stormshield, Legendary

    Erlang Shen
    Item – Spirit Stones, Erlang Shen, Legendary

    Storm Crow
    Item – Storm Crow, Wizard Hats, Legendary

    Fragment of Destiny
    Item – Wands, Fragment of Destiny, 1-Hand, Ranged, Legendary

    Dark Mage’s Shade
    Item – Dark Mage’s Shade, Wizard Hats, Legendary

    The Mind’s Eye
    Item – Spirit Stones, The Mind’s Eye, Legendary

    Item – Spirit Stones, Madstone, Legendary

    Tiklandian Visage
    Item – Tiklandian Visage, Voodoo Masks, Legendary

    The Inquisitor
    Item – Cloaks, The Inquisitor, Torso, Legendary

    Item – Shields, Denial, Off-Hand, Legendary

    The Witching Hour
    Item – Waist, Belts, The Witching Hour, Legendary

    Gesture of Orpheus
    Item – Wands, 1-Hand, Ranged, Gesture of Orpheus, Legendary

    Item – Quetzalcoatl, Voodoo Masks, Legendary

    Butcher’s Carver
    Item – Butcher’s Carver, Two-Handed, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Dead Man’s Legacy
    Item – Off-Hand, Quivers, Legendary, Dead Man’s Legacy

    Hellcat Waistguard
    Item – Waist, Belts, Legendary, Hellcat Waistguard

    Visage of Giyua
    Item – Visage of Giyua, Voodoo Masks, Legendary

    Holy Point Shot
    Item – Holy Point Shot, Off-Hand, Quivers, Legendary

    Item – Hand Crossbows, 1-Hand, Ranged, Calamity, Legendary

    Talisman of Aranoch
    Item – Talisman of Aranoch, Amulets, Jewelry, Legendary

    Item – Amulets, Jewelry, Legendary, Ouroboros

    Flint Ripper Arrowheads
    Item – Off-Hand, Quivers, Flint Ripper Arrowheads, Legendary

    The Murlocket
    Item – Amulets, The Murlocket, Jewelry, Legendary

    Item – Two-Handed, Skorn, 2-Hand, Legendary

    The Star of Azkaranth
    Item – Amulets, The Star of Azkaranth, Jewelry, Legendary

    Item – Two-Handed, Balance, 2-Hand, Daibo, Legendary

    Rondal’s Locket
    Item – Amulets, Rondal’s Locket, Jewelry, Legendary

    Item – Hand Crossbows, 1-Hand, Izzuccob, Ranged, Legendary

    Kymbo’s Gold
    Item – Amulets, Kymbo’s Gold, Jewelry, Legendary

    Sledge fist
    Item – 1-Hand, Fist Weapons, One-Handed, Sledge fist, Legendary

    The Gavel of Judgment
    Item – Mighty Weapons, Two-Handed, The Gavel of Judgment, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Faithful Memory
    Item – Swords, Two-Handed, Faithful Memory, 2-Hand, Legendary

    The Sultan of Blinding Sand
    Item – Swords, The Sultan of Blinding Sand, Two-Handed, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Item – Ranged, Windforce, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Tyrael’s Might
    Item – Tyrael’s Might, Chest Armor, Torso, Legendary

    Item – Hellrack, Crossbows, Ranged, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Item – Manticore, Crossbows, Ranged, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Item – 1-Hand, Fleshrake, Fist Weapons, One-Handed, Legendary

    Maloth’s Focus
    Item – Staves, Maloth’s Focus, Two-Handed, 2-Hand, Legendary

    The Raven’s Wing
    Item – The Raven’s Wing, Ranged, 2-Hand, Legendary

    The Fist of Az’Turrasq
    Item – The Fist of Az’Turrasq, 1-Hand, Fist Weapons, One-Handed, Legendary

    Messerschmidt’s Reaver
    Item – Two-Handed, Messerschmidt’s Reaver, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Item – Blackguard, Swords, Two-Handed, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Item – Swords, Two-Handed, Warmonger, 2-Hand, Legendary

    The Flavor of Time
    Item – Amulets, Jewelry, Legendary, The Flavor of Time

    Item – Scarbringer, 1-Hand, Fist Weapons, One-Handed, Legendary

    Bastion’s Revered
    Item – Mighty Weapons, Two-Handed, Bastion’s Revered, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Flying Dragon
    Item – Two-Handed, Flying Dragon, 2-Hand, Daibo, Legendary

    Blade of the Warlord
    Item – Mighty Weapons, 1-Hand, One-Handed, Legendary, Blade of the Warlord

    Rabid Strike
    Item – 1-Hand, Fist Weapons, One-Handed, Rabid Strike, Legendary

    Item – Swords, Two-Handed, Scourge, 2-Hand, Legendary

    The Grandfather
    Item – The Grandfather, Swords, Two-Handed, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Item – Chest Armor, Torso, Legendary, Chaingmail

    Boj Anglers
    Item – Boj Anglers, Boots, Legendary

    Kotuur’s Brace
    Item – Waist, Mighty Belts, Legendary, Kotuur’s Brace

    Item – Waist, Mighty Belts, Lamentation, Legendary

    Item – Etrayu, Ranged, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Item – 1-Hand, Scrimshaw, Spears, One-Handed, Legendary

    Anessazi Edge
    Item – 1-Hand, Ceremonial Knives, Anessazi Edge, One-Handed, Legendary

    The Paddle
    Item – Two-Handed, The Paddle, 2-Hand, Daibo, Legendary

    Buriza-Do Kyanon
    Item – Crossbows, Buriza-Do Kyanon, Ranged, 2-Hand, Legendary

    The Tormentor
    Item – Staves, The Tormentor, Two-Handed, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Crystal Fist
    Item – 1-Hand, Fist Weapons, Crystal Fist, One-Handed, Legendary

    Logan’s Claw
    Item – Logan’s Claw, 1-Hand, Fist Weapons, One-Handed, Legendary

    Ambo’s Pride
    Item – Mighty Weapons, 1-Hand, Ambo’s Pride, One-Handed, Legendary

    Fury of the Vanished Peak
    Item – Fury of the Vanished Peak, Mighty Weapons, Two-Handed, 2-Hand, Legendary

    The Zweihander
    Item – Swords, Two-Handed, The Zweihander, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Item – Maximus, Swords, Two-Handed, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Fjord Cutter
    Item – Fjord Cutter, Mighty Weapons, 1-Hand, One-Handed, Legendary

    Thunder God’s Vigor
    Item – Waist, Mighty Belts, Thunder God’s Vigor, Legendary

    Moon Slayer
    Item – Moon Slayer, 1-Hand, Ceremonial Knives, One-Handed, Legendary

    Girdle of Giants
    Item – Waist, Mighty Belts, Girdle of Giants, Legendary

    Ageless Might
    Item – Waist, Mighty Belts, Ageless Might, Legendary

    Item – Two-Handed, Maces, Skywarden, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Schaefers’s Hammer
    Item – Two-Handed, Maces, Schaefers’s Hammer, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Ziggurat Tooth
    Item – 1-Hand, Ceremonial Knives, Ziggurat Tooth, One-Handed, Legendary

    Telranden’s Hand
    Item – 1-Hand, Maces, Telranden’s Hand, One-Handed, Legendary

    Last Breath
    Item – 1-Hand, Last Breath, Ceremonial Knives, One-Handed, Legendary

    Sledge of Athskeleng
    Item – Two-Handed, Maces, Sledge of Athskeleng, 2-Hand, Legendary

    Andariel’s Visage
    Item – Andariel’s Visage, Legendary, Helms

    Pride of Cassius
    Item – Waist, Mighty Belts, Pride of Cassius, Legendary

    Wrath of the Bone King
    Item – Two-Handed, Maces, 2-Hand, Legendary, Wrath of the Bone King

    Giant Skull
    Item – Giant Skull, Legendary, Helms

    Mempo of Twilight
    Item – Mempo of Twilight, Legendary, Helms

    Stone of Jordan
    Item – Rings, Jewelry, Stone of Jordan, Legendary, Finger

    Items & Equipment
    Guide – Items, Basics, Items & Equipment

    Recipe – Gehennas, Pants, Blacksmith, Legendary

    Robes of the Rydraelm
    Recipe – Robes of the Rydraelm, Chest Armor, Torso, Blacksmith, Legendary

    Combat & Skills
    Guide – Basics, Combat & Skills, Gameplay

    Where have you found Diablo 3 Legendary Items on your travels?


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