Diablo 3 Legendary Items

Blizzard has included Diablo 3 Legendary Items in their newest Diablo game to replace Diablo 2’s Unique Items. Check out the locations guide below to find out where they have been discovered!

Legendary Items are powerful with many preset properties that appear on the same legendary items, although there are a few random properties depending on the Legendary Items that you either pickup in-game or at the gold auction house.

Note: Some of the balance tweaks that come with Diablo 3 patch 1.0.3 fix underpowered Legendary Items. Blizzard have stated that it plans to display the item level of gear level 60+ as that way you can see why you’re finding plain magical items that are actually more useful. Then it’ll “just straight-out buff Legendary items in a future patch, likely the PvP patch (1.1). These buffs will not be retroactive, and so they’ll only apply to new Legendary items found after the patch. In the long term, we’re looking at simply expanding the affix diversity and unique bonuses of Legendary items.” More details will follow at a later date.

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Diablo 3 Legendary Items

How to find more Legendary Items in Diablo 3

The video guide below is a quick explanation of the Nephalim buff, which is a buff you get at level 60 when you kill elite packs.

A few things HappyJack forgot to mention in the video. If you leave the game (leave, get D/Ced) you will lose the buff. It’s designed to give players an incentive for playing through a whole quest line rather than just going to the end boss.

It’s recommended you pick a quest line that you can complete comfortably in a quick time and then going through the quest line killing elite packs until you have five stacks of the buff and then powering to the boss and getting all of the loots.

Easy way to get Legendary Items in Diablo 3 on Act 1

Here’s an easy method of finding Legendary Item locations, if you don’t mind playing Act 1 on Inferno Difficulty Mode!

Follow the by Fasciz (above) shown path on Inferno Difficulty Mode to Legendary Item locations multiple times and you eventually will get them with a good pace.

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