Spotlight On: The Normandy Crew’s Jack

23 May 2012
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Jack Mass Effect 2 Screenshot

Welcome to another Let’s Talk: “Spotlight On” Mass Effect special about the crew of the Normandy!

The series continues today with a reflection of the psychotic biotic, Jack a.k.a. Subject Zero; one of the most dangerous crewmates aboard the Normandy, her past is a litany of betrayals, heartaches, pain and slaughter, which have not only marked her soul but her skin.

Take a look at the The Normandy Crew #3 video!

So what do you think of the tattooed terror? Is she your favorite Normandy Crew member? Perhaps you preferred Cerberus’ Cheerleader Miranda in the role of biotic badass? Please feel free to leave your opinions, thoughts and experiences with this character in the comment sections below?

Side note – The track playing in this video is from the official Mass Effect 2 soundtrack, composed by Sam Hulick and it belongs to the respective owners. ?This OST can be purchased from

1. Jack – Mass Effect 2 OST, Sam Hulick


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