New Wii U Tablet Controller Look Leaked

A QA tester at Traveller’s Tales Games last weekend tweeted an image of a new redesigned Nintendo Wii U tablet controller. Matty Boosh’s since removed tweet read: “Nintendo fanboy alert: look what we have at work! #BoysAndTheirToys”

The company is currently working on Lego City Stories exclusively for the Wii U (and 3DS) and apparently received the latest version of the controller that was supposed to be unveiled at E3 2012 in two weeks. So consider this a sneak peek! 🙂

Take an up-close look at the redesigned Wii U controller in our gallery:

The biggest changes to the Wii U tablet are:

  • Two new Wii-like analog sticks have replaced the circle slider pads used on the 3DS. — This suggests Nintendo is serious about allowing developers to port games with default Xbox 360 & PS3 controls. Or maybe play-testing has showed these are more comfortable positions for longer play sessions.
  • The + and – buttons have been moved from the bottom to the right side.
  • Two new mysterious flat buttons have been added; one below the Directional-pad and another between the power button & controller’s battery life indicator. — Perhaps it’s a biofeedback button (like the unreleased Wii Vitality Sensor) where putting your finger on these will allow the controller to sense your heartbeat and give in-game feedback.
  • The Wii U logo has been moved to the bottom-left of the tablet. — This might indicating the Wii U console name is here to stay.

For comparison, this Wii U promotional video shows the old Wii U tablet controller we saw at last year’s E3.

How do you like the look of the new Wii U Tablet Controller?