Diablo 3 Power Leveling

Here’s how to do Diablo 3 Power Leveling. These are the best methods to gain massive amounts of EXP through power leveling.

These video guides will show you how to unlock many of your character’s levels in Diablo 3.

Disclaimer: Blizzard may patch any of these Diablo 3 power leveling methods at any time if they consider it an unfair advantage.

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Diablo 3 Power Leveling

How to successfully perform Power Leveling in Diablo 3? It will be explained in great detail by Doug in this video walkthrough.


Watch this video guide to get handy tips for power leveling. These can be done in the following Acts, Chapters, and Quests listed below.

Act 1: Chapter “The Black Soulstone” – Quest “Soulstone Chamber”. Head to the Archives of Zoltun Kulle to help power level your friend.

Before you start playing: Note that on Normal difficulty you can be Level 25 to 35. On Nightmare Difficulty you must be Level 35 to 49.
While playing: Don’t forget to skip all the cinematics to speed up this process.
After you’re done playing: In our guide this resulted in 36,000+ XP received and nearly 2,000 Gold received. On Normal Mode that’s about 300,000 XP per hour, and in Nightmare Mode that’s around 900,000 XP per hour.


Act 3: Chapter “Heart of Sin” – Quest “Kill Azmodan” who is the final boss. And quick start new game. Head to the last waypoint The Core of Arreat. — From there continue to…
Act 4’s first boss. This is on Chapter “Heart of Sin” – Quest “Kill Azmodan in the Heart of Sin”.

Before you start playing: Make sure you have good enough gear (try the auction house if you don’t yet), so that you can walk through all the mobs without getting killed, skipping skills help with that too. Good gear also allows you to solo bosses easier.
After you’re done playing: You get 44,000 XP, depending on the difficulty level it scales. And then 25,000 to kill the first boss in Act 4. Together that’s around 150,000 XP to power level through.


Act 4: Chapter “Prime Evil” and begin the quest. Head to the first boss and keep repeating the battle.

After you’re done playing: On Normal Mode this gets you around 1 million XP per hour. In Nightmare Mode this nets you around 1.5 million XP per hour.

Again, watch the video guide at the top of this page to get additional tips and see how it’s done by the pros. 🙂

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