Let’s Talk: Starhawk (The Campaign)

18 May 2012
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Starhawk Emmett Graves

Welcome to another Let’s Talk video with Meg!

In this video I will be talking a little bit about my initial thoughts on the PlayStation 3 exclusive, and spiritual successor to the 2007 third-person shooter game Warhawk, Starhawk.

Take a look at my first impressions of Starhawk’s Campaign Mode!

Overall, I feel that Starhawk’s campaign is like an arcade game; it’s a short, sweet thrill.

The story felt like a needless add-on in places, with choppy cutscenes and poorly executed dialogue; gameplay was a tight balance of varying elements, which included gunplay, tactical building and vehicular combat both in the air and on the ground; graphics, though blank and outdated in some spots, utilized color to its fullest; and if you loved Joss Whedon’s Firefly soundtrack (scored by Greg Edmunson) you’ll love Starhawk’s music composed by Christopher Lennertz.

Take a look at the launch trailer!

So what do you make of Starhawk’s campaign? Are you a die-hard fan of Warhawk? Perhaps you are only interested in the multiplayer element? Please feel free to leave your comments and opinions below!

Remember! This is my personal opinion; the only way you can determine what you’ll make of a game is to play it for yourself. Is Starhawk right up your alley as a gamer? Then try it out!

Side note – all of the tracks playing in this video are from the official Starhawk score, composed by Christopher Lennertz, available for purchase on iTunes.co.uk and belongs to the respective owners. These are (in the order they appear):

1. Prologue
2. Hawk Battle
3. Homeworld
4. Come and Get It


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