Diablo 3 Codes, Cheats & Tips

Unlock Diablo 3 codes & cheats to secrets with the tips in this guide. While none of these Diablo 3 cheat codes have been officially confirmed, they did work in Diablo 2, so give them a try and let us know if you’ve found any that work in the new action-RPG game on PC & Mac.

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Diablo 3 Codes & Cheats List

While you’re playing the game, press the “Enter” button on your keyboard to open the chat box. Then type the following code to activate said cheat:

  • Unlock “Every Sound” by typing: soundchaosdebug
  • Unlock “Set Higher Player Count” in singleplayer by typing: /players x
    Note: Where x is a number from 1 to 8, the higher the more difficult the monsters, but also the more experience, gold and item drops they give you.

God Mode for Invincible Wizards:

Try this cheat before Blizzard releases a hotfix! Here are the steps:

    Step 1: Select Teleport – Fracture. Bind it to a key.
    Step 2: Select Archon, tested with Improved Archon.
    Step 3: Hover your mouse over or near your character.
    Step 4: Press Teleport.
    Step 5: QUICKLY(!) Press Archon.

Until we find more cheat codes, here are the class CGI intro cutscenes. Are you playing the Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, Barbarian, Wizard or Monk?

Do you know of any cheat codes in Diablo 3? If so leave a comment with a tip and we’ll update this cheats page and give you credit!