Wii U Launch Titles List Leaks?

It looks like the Nintendo Wii U launch titles list has been leaked via retailer Blockbuster UK! Don’t you love the month before each E3 show? So many rumors and confirmations for upcoming games leak out! Let’s take a look…

Many of the games will be familiar to you, but quite a few are previously unannounced titles. Brand new titles include: Splinter Cell 6, Formula 1 All Stars, and Nintendo’s Shield Pose.

You’ll also notice that Ubisoft stayed true to their word when they said they wanted to rule the Wii U launch with a significant lineup, there are around 10 titles total from them: Just Dance 4, Killer Freaks From Outer Space, Rabbids Party Land, Raving Rabbids, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell 6, Your Shape 2013, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon Online, and possibly Game Party. That’s even more than Nintendo’s 4 games: New Super Mario Bros. Mii, Pikmin 3, Shield Pose, and possibly Sports Connection. — What follows is Gonintendo‘s leaked list.

25 Game titles appear in the Wii U launch list:

1. Aliens: Colonial Marines
2. Assassin’s Creed (III?)
3. Batman: Arkham City
4. Darksiders II
5. Dirt 3
6. Formula 1 All Stars
7. Game Party
8. Ghost Recon Online
9. Just Dance 4
10. Killer Freaks From Outer Space
11. Marvel Super Heroes
12. Metro: Last Light
13. Monsters Party
14. New Super Mario Bros. Mii
15. Ninja Gaiden 3
16. Pikmin 3
17. Rabbids Party Land
18. Raving Rabbids
19. Rayman Legends
20. Shield Pose
21. Splinter Cell 6
22. Sports Connection
23. Tekken
24. Your Shape 2013
25. Zombie

I’m not sure how complete this list is, though. I’m guessing Wii U Sports could come bundled with the console. But in the past 10 years I’ve never seen Sega let a game system launch go by without a Super Monkey Ball game! 😛

I’m interested in these games: New Super Mario Bros. Mii, Pikmin 3, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Assassin’s Creed III, Darksiders II, Rayman Legends, Killer Freaks From Outer Space, Splinter Cell 6, Just Dance 4, Metro: Last Light, and maybe Ninja Gaiden 3. Batman: Arkham City is really good, I already own it myself, but it should be on anyone’s must-have list.

This video shows a demonstration of some of the mini-games that’ll be available on Wii U at launch.

Which of these Wii U launch titles do you want?