Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers (Song Cover)

Welcome to our Video Games: Song Covers segment. Here I’ll be singing some of your favourite and most requested video game tracks.

Hi everyone! Here I’m performing the ending theme “Radical Dreamers” from the beautifully enchanting, Chrono Cross soundtrack. The OST for this classic RPG title was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, while “Radical Dreamers” was originally performed by Japanese vocalist Noriko Mitose. The Chrono Cross soundtrack took inspiration from ‘old world’ cultural influences, including Celtic, Mediterranean, Fado, and percussive African music. The soundtrack, which has been acclaimed for its excellence has inspired masses of fan-made remixes, and songs from the OST have been played at various orchestral concerts, including Mitsuda’s personal arrangements for the ‘Play! A Video Game Symphony’ concert series.

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Japanese Lyrics:

Osanai de ni tsutsunda
Furueteru sono hikari wo
Koko made tadou dekita
Jikan no fuchi wo samayoi

Sagashi tsuzukete kita yo
Namae sae shiranai keredo
Tada hitotsu no omoi wo
Anata ni tewatashi takute

Toki wa ai wo itami wo
Uta kuna kitome
Keshiteku kedo watashi wa
Oboete iru zutto

Watashi no mune no oku ni
Itsu kara ka hibi ite ita
Yotsuyu no shizuku yori mo
Kasuka na sasayaki dakedo

Itetsuku hoshi no yami e
Tsumugu inori ga
Tooi anata no sora ni
Todoku youni

English Translation:

Held in young hands,
That light is shivering
I’ve come all this way
Wandering the edge of time

I came, searching still
Without even knowing your name, but
One little feeling
I only wanted to hand over to you

Sometimes I catch and hold
Love and pain, tightly in my arms.
It will fade away, but
I will remember it… Forever….

It has been echoing in my chest
For who knows how long…
Though it’s a whisper tinier
Than a drop of the evening fog

Toward the darkness of frozen stars
A spinning prayer
May it reach your distant sky….

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– Sabrina. (SabrinaValenzuela on YouTube.)