Spotlight On: The Normandy Crew’s Joker

Welcome to another Let’s Talk: “Spotlight On” video about Mass Effect 3 with Meg!

In this episode I’ll be shedding some light on the best pilot in the Alliance fleet, Jeff ‘Joker’ Moreau; a stand up guy, figuratively speaking of course, he is a member of the crew depended upon not only by Shepard but the valiant Normandy herself, and if that doesn’t impress you his unwavering sarcasm sure will.

Take a look at the The Normandy Crew #2 video!

So what did you think of Jeff? Is he your favorite Normandy Crew member? Or perhaps you find this joker anything but funny? Please leave your comments and opinions in the section below!

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Side note – all of the tracks playing in this video are from the official Mass Effect 1 and 2 soundtracks, composed by Jack Wall and Sam Hulick and belong to their respective owners. These OST’s can be purchased from The tracks are (in the order they appear):

1. The Normandy — Mass Effect 1 OST, Jack Wall
2. New Worlds — Mass Effect 2 OST, Sam Hulick
3. The Normandy Reborn — Mass Effect 2 OST, Sam Hulick