Let’s Talk Trailers: Spec Ops The Line, Resident Evil 6, Dishonored & God of War IV!

27 April 2012
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Leon Screenshot Resident Evil 6

Welcome to the another Trailer Talk video, in which I share my thoughts on the trailers for upcoming releases!

In this episode I’ll be talking about the Spec Ops: The Line gameplay trailer, Resident Evil 6 ‘Captivate’ trailer, the Dishonored debut trailer and God of War IV teaser.

Check out the Trailer Talk #6 video!

So are you excited by any of these tantalizing trailers? Do you think Resident Evil 6 will be a worthy installment in the series? Do you like the thematic mash-up seen in Dishonored? Feel free to comment and share your opinions in the comment section.

Below I’ve embedded the full versions of the trailers discussed in the video…

Spec Ops: The Line Gameplay Trailer

Resident Evil 6 ‘Captivate’ trailer

Dishonored Debut Trailer

God of War IV Teaser Trailer

Side note – all of the music playing in the background of this video are from official video game and film soundtracks, belong to their respective owners and can be purchased from iTunes.co.uk. These are (in the order they appear):

1. Maritime Malfeasance – Greg Edmunson, Uncharted 3 OST
2. Axeman – Tomandandy, Resident Evil: Afterlife OST
3. Alice Madness Returns Theme – Marshall Crutcher, Alice Madness Returns OST
3. Flying on the Wings of Steam – Chris Vrenna, Alice OST
4. God of War III Overture – Gerard Marino, God of War III OST

5. In Praise of the Han River (B4-A3) – Byeong Woo Lee, The Host OST.


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