Silent Hill Downpour Review

Welcome to another Let’s Talk video, where I will be going over Vatra Games’ addition to the iconic survival Franchise, Silent Hill: Downpour!

A town called Silent Hill, where fear and torment are inescapable.

When convict Murphy Pendleton’s prison transportation bus crashes on the edge of a gloomy town he makes a bid for freedom unaware of the dangers that await him; Murphy could very well find something more than freedom…

Take a look at the Silent Hill Downpour review!


The narrative displays the series’ trademark ambiguity but misses the intellectual mark; gameplay, despite it’s occasional unique concepts, frustratingly falls short of real greatness with other mechanics neither her nor there in execution; the graphics are near-perfect and only really lack in the monster department; and lastly, the score manages to reference Akira Yamaoka’s work without shamelessly copying it.

All in all I feel like Downpour is the Silent Hill game for beginners. New to the series? Check out this game before moving onto more intellectually stimulating (and downright disturbing) titles like Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Based on this I will give the game an overall fun-factor of 7.5/10.

Remember! This is my personal opinion; the only way you can determine what you’ll make of a game is to play it for yourself. Is Silent Hill: Downpour right up your gamer-alley? Then try it out!

So what do you think of Downpour? Are you a fan of the Silent Hill franchise? Perhaps you prefer Resident Evil or maybe survival horror just isn’t your cup of tea? Please feel free to leave your comments and opinions in the section below!

Side note – The songs playing in this video are from the Official Silent Hill Downpour score, composed by Daniel Licht and purchased from
These are (in the order they appear):

1. Perp Walk
2. Silent Hill – Jonathan Davis
3. Downpour Intro
4. Hansel and Gretel