Prototype 2 Weapons Guide

17 April 2012
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Prototype 2 Weapons Guide

Mutating and shapeshifting isn’t Heller’s only attack arsenal. This Prototype 2 weapons guide shows you can now pick up guns and other weaponry in-game as well.

As Sgt. James Heller, players will be able to truly master combat while roaming through PROTOTYPE 2’s open-world New York Zero (NYZ). New combat moves such as the Tactical Dodge allow players to jump over and avoid incoming enemy attacks and places them in the perfect position for an immediate counter attack. The vicious dismemberment system allows players to cut off enemy arms and legs (and heads) which alters and slows down enemies, allowing players to get a better visual read on attacking foes, and thusly get out of the way. Heller’s new Shield provides both offensive and defensive abilities allowing players to interrupt and stagger incoming enemy attacks, and additionally deflect incoming rockets right back to their sender, or off to other nearby enemies.

Watch the Prototype 2 weapons trailer:

Click the thumbnail to see the full overview of military weaponry:

The Blackwatch military weapons you can pick up include:

* Assault Rifle
* Machine Gun
* Rocket Launcher
* Grenade Launcher
* Gatling Gun
* Rocket Pod
* Rocket Launcher
* Missile Launcher

Please note that the weapons not shown above are the ones you can rip off enemy troops, like tearing the cannon off of a tank and turning it on your enemies. 👿


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